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Is Hawaii becoming Hurricane Alley? Eastside surf pumps

NASA’s GOES satellite captures the trio of storms © NASA



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Recent record-setting storm cluster gathers 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 September, 2015 - The Hawaiian Islands have become something akin to bowling pins this week as three category 4 storms (yes, the bowling balls) roll around, above and below the island chain. And according to meteorologists this is the first time in history so many active storms have been present at one time.

According to a NASA report its the first time scientists have seen more than two Category 4 storms in the Pacific at once. Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena have skirted the Islands on their way to Asia sending pounding surf to Hawaii’s eastern shores and turning on many rare bird surf spots.

The National Weather Service issued a High Surf Warning for east facing shores of the Big Island through 6 p.m. Thursday with wave heights rising to 10 to 15 foot faces in some spots. "Expect ocean water occasionally sweeping across portions of beaches, very strong breaking waves and strong longshore and rip currents" the statement said.

Forecasts vary on the severity of the coming El Nino but many agencies say it will be one of the strongest on record. NOAA confirms that with an El Nino event the Pacific Ocean will see a more active hurricane season.

El Nino patern emerges along the equator. Check the animated sea surface temperature video below.



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