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Haydenshapes airs interactive online custom board designer



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Haydenshapes launch HSStudio 360° surfboard designer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 March, 2016 - The traditional custom surfboard order card just joined the 21st century and got a well overdue makeover. Haydenshapes has just unveiled HSSTUDiO, an interactive online custom surfboard designer and the most sophisticated and innovative consumer customization platform to launch in surf. 

A surfboard is an investment and there is no denying that the connection between a board and surfer is an emotional one. The act of purchasing a new board is rarely carried out by impulse and trolling the Internet for answers on something of this nature is often no comparison to witnessing the finite detail in person.

The edges, the curves, rail lines, concaves… many crucial design attributes that are lost in the traditional front/ back 2D image format. The shaping bay is where the board details really shine with the low positioned fluoro’s bouncing light and shadows from navy walls to reveal the boards true shape and features.

It is this experience that inspired Haydenshapes latest innovation, HSSTUDiO, a responsive pinch and zoom 360° online board builder allowing customers to view the shape and design and customize the detail of their surfboards in true to life digital form. It’s the next best thing to physically standing in the bay with a shaper. But this, you can access anywhere any time from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.



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