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Heavy hitters hot at the HIC Pro Sunset Beach

Sunny Garcia @ ASP




HIC Pro 

ASP Men's 4-Star WQS
Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
27 October - 10 November 

Top seeds hit the water at HIC Pro

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 November, 2014 - Top seeds entered the fray today at the HIC PRO at Sunset Beach, led by world #19 Fred Patacchia. Just home from the European leg of the Samsung Galaxy ASP World Tour, Patacchia, 31, sees the HIC PRO as a golden opportunity to fine tune equipment, size up the talent, and prepare for the upcoming Vans Triple Crown of Surfing series, for which this event is the Official Qualifier.

Patacchia (Sunset Beach) was up against old friend and former touring pro Joel Centeio (Haleiwa) in their Round 3 clash. Great waves in the 4- to 6-foot range provided plenty of scoring opportunity for both. Centeio got the upper hand in the exchange, but Patacchia was feeling good and both advanced through. 

"HIC's an important event," said Patacchia. "We get to practice on our bigger boards out here at Sunset. Today we're riding medium sized boards which is a good warmup for Haleiwa. It's supposed to get bigger this weekend so we'll be on 7'0"s, it's just a great warmup. Some of the guys we'll be surfing against (in the Triple Crown) are out here, also young up and comers from Hawaii, Australia, and Brazil. Its good to go up against them and see what you've got, see how you stack up." 

In contrast to Patacchia, Kauai's Evan Valiere, 31, isn't a touring pro and will rely on a solid performance here at the HIC PRO and his local ASP Hawaii ranking to qualify for the Vans Triple Crown. Valiere is a power surfer with a broad spectrum of talent that makes him a threat at any location, but especially at Sunset and Pipeline. He posted the highest single wave score today: 9.1 out of 10.

Freddy Patacchia © ASP


"I'd absolutely love to win the Triple Crown," said Valiere. "I think that would be the best thing I could imagine. That's what I'm here for and it's really exciting. Given the nature of surfing it's really hard to get every heat after heat to go your way but it's a fun game. You've got to know your surfboard, and the most important thing is the timing on the wave. That's something that I think really suits my style and my rhythm... the timing of this wave."

Other standout performers today were Pancho Sullivan, 41, (Sunset Beach), who posted the highest 2-wave heat score of 14.53 out of 20. Koa Smith (Kauai); Maui's Billy Kemper and Ian Walsh; Australia's Cody Robinson; and Keoni Yan (Tahiti).

Unexpected eliminations included that of Kamalei Alexander (Kauai); former HIC PRO champion Myles Padaca; and big wave charger Koa Rothman (Sunset Beach). Organizers will take a look at conditions first light tomorrow to decide if competition will continue with the final day of action. The HIC PRO has until November 10 to conclude. 

Koa Smith © ASP



(Picking up from Day 1. 1st & 2nd advance. 3rd =65th. 4th = 81st)
H12: Saxon Lumsden (AUS); Edrick Baldwin; Harrison Mann (AUS); Kekoa Bacalso
H13: Vehiatua Prunier (PYF); Andrew Jacobson (USA); Shayden Cruz-Pacarro
H14: Dylan Kowalski (USA); Pancho Sullivan; Jacob Szekely (USA); EJ Mitsui
H15: Jordin Watson (AUS); Noa Mizuno; Nolan Rapoza (USA); Luke Shepardson
H16: Alejandro Moreda; Matt Passaquindici; Eala Stewart; Ulualoha Napeahi

(1st & 2nd advance. 3rd = 33rd. 4th = 49th)
H1: Billy Kemper; Joey Sadoy; Myles Padaca; Mitchell Parkinson (AUS)
H2: Ian Walsh; Kalani David; Nils Schweizer; Jerome Forrest
H3: Landon McNamara; Hank Gaskell; Tom Dosland; Jake Halstead (USA)
H4: Johnny Noris (USA); Imaikalani Devault; Ian Gentil; Koa Rothman
H5: Evan Valiere; Jake Davis (USA); Kilian Garland (USA); Mikey Bruneau
H6: Keoni Yan (PYF); Eli Olson; Riley Laing (AUS); Kai Barger
H7: Koa Smith; Sunny Garcia; Reef McIntosh; Arashi Kato (JPN)
H8: Joel Centeio; Fred Patacchia; Jeames Joung (AUS); Chris Foster
H9: Cody Robinson (AUS); Wade Carmichael (AUS); Tereva David (PYF); Alex Utal
H10: Kaishu Tanaka (JPN); Ty Watson (AUS);  Quinn Bruce (AUS); Makai McNamara
H11: Dylan Goodale; Kaisa Kawamura (JPN); Edrick Baldwin; Kamalei Alexander
H12: Kaimana Jaquias; Mitchell Jeames (AUS); Kekoa Cazimero; Saxon Lumsden 
H13: Pancho Sullivan; Tanner Hendrickson; Jamie O'Brien; Vehiatua Prunier
H14: Alex Smith; Andrew Jacobson (USA); Dylan Kowalski (USA); Taylor Clark 

Jodi Wilmott

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