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Holiday sessions in Denmark captured by Tom Frey

Holiday sessions in Denmark captured by Tom Frey



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Surf so good it's worth losing your job and marrige?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 October, 2014 -Currently, the North surfers can no longer save them from epic and semi epic days. We find it therefore degree difficult to decide what we now label the as epic. Blue editor Tom Frey has then made the decision to pick a session out in northern Denmark, which took place on the day of German unity. So one Friday holiday is not exactly the right time for epic Soul - Sessions in empty lineups.

But the forecast was exceptional at least a second look. For the Ghost Hunters Swell Tom even fell into the category of "miss even if the trip unemployment and divorce would result."

The reason was a wave machine in the western Atlantic, with amazing consistency and force anschob waves over two days. The Quick Pro in France which has a Lay Day brought to the contest sandbar because unsurfbarer Close Outs. The north of Denmark promised this constellation - at least if you knew what buoys you have to check - solid groundswell with extremely unusually high periods of about 16 seconds.

On Friday morning, then got a Danish Local after the session and already made the leap to work on the beach and felt full of joy, that he would so not experienced a swell for 5 years and that thus finally that passage of the reef had come to life again that the Swell this incredibly long elicits rights.

Our man came on the scene back with a big grin on his face and took a few pictures with remarkable.

Tom Frey

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