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Holly Beck blogs about the Drop Zone in Fiji....

Surfed out and satisfied : Photo Justin Lewis

Holly Becks Blog

Holly Beck blogs on the Drop Zone in Fiji

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 July, 2010 : - - Drop Zone to me means Alex Gray antics, Cheyne Magnussen’s smiling supercharged surf sessions, and endless amounts of waterborne adventure. This time I’ve got a wing-girl in Maria Del Mar, a Puerto Rican reggaeton dancing damsel that’s always up for a good time.

The four of us showed up in Fiji, piled our boardbags high on a small rental car and lashed them down with surf leashes since no one thought to bring any board straps. We made a few circles ‘round a roundabout to fully admire a Hindu temple then found our way to a dirt road that led us to Seashell Cove – home base for the first few days of surf and diving adventures.

I’ve heard from too many people that Cloudbreak is one of the best waves in the world. Despite several trips to Fiji I’d never surfed it and was in denial. Yesterday Maria and I sat in a boat over the incredibly clear water fringing Tavarua Island freaking out - dancing, shaking, and yelling - while the rest of the group took their sweet time.

Finally, all loaded up, we powered out to the outer reef and scrambled over each other to dive in and paddle out to butter smooth head high peeling blue lefts that barreled over hollow reef. Four hours later, the four of us had had more waves than we ever could have hoped for and I can now agree that Cloudbreak is one of the best waves in the world.

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