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Holly Beck blogs about her boards & baby turtles

Holly Beck and her Rusty Surfboards

Holly Beck

Holly gets engaged and talks about the Rusy Jokerr, 4F and Dozer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 August, 2012 : - - I am enjoying summer vacation in Nicaragua - no new retreats til October. I've been getting a lot more waves myself without having to put energy into helping girls improve their surfing skills. Stoked. My Rusty boards have been working amazingly well and I put together a little video analysis of my top 3 boards with some cool surf footage mixed in.

I've been working over the last two years with a non-profit called Waves of Hope which is run by a couple friends of mine. We've been trying to promote education in the local communities and to lobby the government to green-light the construction of a high school. Currently the only educational opportunity for kids in the area after grade 6 is attending school only on Sundays. We've made a lot of progress.

Finally, we're also working with Waves of Hope on a sea turtle conservation project. Baby turtles are the cutest things ever.



Author: Holly Beck

Tags: Nicaragua, Central America, Rusty, Surfboards, Sea Turtles, Women's Surfing

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