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Holly Beck has tough go but then scores in Ecuador

 Holly Beck © Sector9




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"I was teaching a surf lesson and got nailed in the back of the head"

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 June, 2011 : - - Surfing with Stitches:   It took me about two months to recover from that volcano boarding injury. I ended up breaking my 4th metatarsal and severely spraining my ankle. I hopped everywhere for two weeks, then finally found some crutches in town, then got a walking boot from a nurse that operates a non-profit in Nicaragua. On my third day back in the water I was teaching a surf lesson and got nailed in the back of the head by my student's longboard which hit me so hard it split my scalp open and I needed 6 stitches to close it back up.

Four days later I simply couldn't sit on the beach any longer. I strapped on an ankle brace, covered my stitches in a swimcap, and paddled out for a few blissful waves first on the same longboard that hit me in the head, then my boyfriend's 5'8 Dwart. A friend filmed the session which can be viewed here

Ecuador Surf Clips: One of the plus sides to being injured is having plenty of time to get computer work done. Internet access in Nicaragua is nearly impossible, but that means fewer distractions from video editing. See these two clips from my recent Sector 9 girls' trip to Ecuador.

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