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Holy Mackerel! Fish attacks surfer in southeast Brazil

Mackeral : Photo Alan Couch/Creative Commons



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Can a fish dislocate your jaw and fracture your eyesocket? You bet!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 August, 2015 - A 27-year-old Brazilian surfer sustained heavy injuries when he slammed into a mackerel during an afternoon session off the coast of Sao Vincente, south east Brazil.

According to The Daily Mail the man sustained a dislocated jaw and other facial injuries. But when he returned to the hospital three days later a scan revealed he had a fractured cheek and eye socket.

Surgeons then discovered three pieces of the bottom jaw of a fish embedded in the man's nasal cavity.

Biologists who examined the fish jaw pieces said they belonged to a fish known as a white snake mackerel or Thyrsitops lepidopoides.

Acacio Tomas, a marine fish expert at the Fisheries Institute Santos in San Paulo, Brazil, told the Daily Mail the fish is estimated to be between 7.8 inches and 9.8 inches long.

“This is the first reported accident involving Thyrsitops lepidopoides and humans,” said Tomas.

The surfer is expected to recover.

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