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How do they work? Facebook LIVE surfboard design tutorial



Facebook Live

How does concave work? What’s the best tail setup for mushy waves? For big waves?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 January, 2017 - Learn why your board works the way it does. Send in questions. Get answers. The easiest-ever explanation of how a surfboard works and why is about to hit Facebook. The SurfersVillage Facebook LIVE Surfboard Class with shaper Kevin Olsen will give an overview of board design as well as answer your questions.

SurfersVillage will take the latest episode in their popular series of instructional articles LIVE to Facebook on Wednesday February 1st at 4pm France time (10am New York and 7am California time)

This is a great opportunity for viewers to have their personal questions answered. If you want basic or more in-depth knowledge about the complicated world of concaves, spiral vee and entry rocker this is a great opportunity. Afterall, the more you know, the better you’ll be able to dial in a board that works the way you want it to.



"Coming over to the Surfersvillage studio to speak about shaping and the opportunity to explain the shaping process of a new board is a great subject to discuss and I am looking forward to it," said Kevin. "Everyone needs to know and understand concaves. I am passionate about the single-into-double concaves that I shape and surf, so sharing my knowledge of how I think concaves should work will be fun. I look forward to answering some interesting questions too."

Kevin Olsen is a surfer and a passionate shaper. He lives and works in Capbreton-Hossegor and for 12 years had dedicated his life to the production of surfboards. His brand's flagship model, the PLONKA has become a popular mainstay around the breaks of Southwest France. He hosts several surfboard workshops each year.

Like the Surfersvillage Facebook page here and stay tuned at 4pm French Time.

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