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How far-reaching can a surf photo be? Ask Tó Mane



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The story behind the Garrett McNamara at Nazaré image

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 March, 2014 - In January of 2013 a giant swell reached the Portuguese coast and was captured by the lens of photographer Tó Mane. This "drop of the year" by Garrett McNamara in Nazare turned out to be one of the most viewed pictures of the year.

The image was in contention for the title of the prestigious Billabong XXL Awards until the Hawaiian decided to withdraw from the contest. But it did not take visibility from the photograph since it has appeared in virtually all of the main magazines and newspapers in Portugal and also it won National Geographic’s Daily Dozen. It made the cover of The Times and was published in TIME Magazine and dozens of ther magazines and news papers all around the world.

And now you can have this amazing image in your living room since it is being released as a poster by the photographer and the surfer responsibe for it. The price of 1,000 euros and it include the image printed on high quality (Fuji Matte paper | size 100x70 cms) and shipping.

100 images will be produced for the entire world and they include the photographer's autograph Tó Mane and surfer Garrett McNamara. 5% by value of this epic poster will be given the Surfrider Foundation in Porto, Portugal, and another 5% will go to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

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