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How was 2013 for shark attacks? Numbers are in



Shark Updates

Although rare, there were 13 fatalaties this year from sharks

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 January, 2014 - According to the Global Shark Attack File for 2013 which was issued today, there were 116 worldwide shark attacks with 59 of those occurring in the United States. Of the 13 fatal shark attacks this year Brazil, Australia and the US each counted two deaths. 

The Global Shark Attack File provided the following authenticated Shark Attack data for 2013. It is provided as a public service to emphasize the rarity of these interactions with humans when the number of ocean users (swimmers, divers, surfers, and kayakers), and their total contact hours on or in the water, is compared with other hazards humans face in their daily lives. Additional information, including a chronological listing of each incident, is available at; .
The Global Shark Attack File reported 116 shark attacks worldwide during 2013, with 19 considered provoked or doubtful shark involvement leaving 97 unprovoked shark attacks, which includes 13 fatalities. The 97 attacks were distributed as follows; United States 53 (2 fatal), Australia 13 (2 fatal), South Africa 6 (1 fatal), Bahamas 5, Reunion 3 (2 fatal), Jamaica 2 (1 fatal), Brazil 2 (2 fatal), French Polynesia 2, New Zealand 2 (1 fatal), Guam 1 (fatal), Diego Garcia 1 (fatal), Mexico 1, Belize 1, Seychelles 1, Philippines 1, Taiwan 1, Kiribati 1, and New Caledonia 1.
United States
There were 59 interactions between sharks and humans reported from the United States in 2013 with 6 either provoked, special circumstances, or doubtful shark involvement leaving 53 authenticated unprovoked shark attacks, which includes 2 fatalities from Hawaii. The 53 attacks were distributed as follows; Florida 24, Hawaii 16 (2 fatal), California 4, South Carolina 4, North Carolina 1, Oregon 1, Texas 1, New Jersey 1, and Alabama 1. Activity of the victims were; Surfing/Boogie & Paddle Boarding/Kite Surfing 26, Swimming/Standing/Wading/Fishing 21, Diving/Snorkeling 4, and Kayaking 2.
There were 5 unprovoked shark attacks confirmed from the Pacific Coast of North America during 2013. There were 4 unprovoked shark attacks reported from California and 1 from Oregon. The attacks were distributed as follows; June 1, August 2, October 1 and November 1. The attacks were distributed as follows; 3 Surfers, 1 Swimmer, and 1 Kayaker. The number of shark-bitten marine mammals that were reported to the Shark Research Committee in 2013 was greater than the prior year. Observations of neonate and yearling Great White Sharks in Southern California historically coincides with the spring commencement of California Grunion spawns and continue throughout the spawning season until September.

In 2013 at least 3 juvenile Great White Sharks were observed in the Manhattan Beach/El Porto area from July to November. The number of shark-bitten stranded marine mammals reported in 2013 was greater than the prior year, especially in Santa Barbara County. The locations and times of year, would suggest an increase in the number of Great White Sharks utilizing those specific areas for hunting. However, this increase might not be the result of an increase in their population but rather locations being targeted by sharks migrating to northern regions. Concentrations of only a few sharks in one small geographic location can give the appearance of being many. This activity along the Pacific Coast will continue to be closely monitored. 

Ralph S. Collier

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