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Howard Gómez youngest recipient of ISA Scholarship


Howard Gomez : photo courtesy ISA

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Howard Gómez the youngest recipient of the ISA Individual Scholarship

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 December, 2008 : - - At 11 years old, Howard Gómez was the youngest recipient ever of the ISA Individual Scholarship. He was born in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias and started surfing because of his father, who was the 2004 Colombian National Champ.

Howard has been competing since he was 6 and, in 2007, he was the National Under 12 champ at 10 years of age. He’s a great example of what an ISA ambassador should be, a humble inspiring great human being, a great surfer, a great student and an inspirational role model for his community.

His father is a Beach Tender and doesn’t have enough money to buy appropriate boards for him, so he surfs with bigger boards and it is amazing the way he moves those boards. He comes from a poor family but he enjoys surfing so much that he is always laughing and showing himself as a happy guy.

He wants to succeed as a surfer and he has the skills to do it. It’s only a matter of time and support.  In his application for the Scholarship, one of the requirements was to write an essay stating “Why I desserve an ISA Scholarship.” This is what he said:

“I would buy a house for my mother. Pay for my studies, travel to tournaments outside Colombia. I would buy a bed, refrigerator, kitchen I would buy everything for my house…. Buy clothing for my sister. With my family, I would like to leave behind poverty and my neighbourhood because I don’t want to see it anymore, like drugs and gang fights.

I want to be an example for all the kids in my neighbourhood, El Libano. Let them see that you can really come forward.  I can succeed in studying. I grew up in contact with the sea and that is why I like to surf. When I surf, it’s emotional and I feel happy.”

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