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Huanchaco Longboard Pro Peru keeps rolling at El Elio

Day 3 action : photo ASP South America

Huanchaco Longboard Pro Peru 
Presented by Movistar

ASP 6 Star Mens LQS event
Playa El Elio,Huanchaco Trujillo-Peru
27 - 31 January 2010

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A Pro Show of the Best Longboarders   

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 January, 2010 : - - The sun began its work early on day three of the Huanchaco Longboard Pro Peru 2010. Many of the world´s best longboarders have gathered at El Elio beach, in Huanchaco, Trujillo, northern Peru, to compete for the title of this LQS six-star event and a cumulative US$ 30,000 purse.

The third and penultimate day of competition, began with the ten remaining heats of the third round.  Each surfer sought to enter to the quarterfinals, however only those finishing in first place of each heat would advance.

The 16 quarterfinal successfuls were:  Rodrigo of Souza, Jaime Viudes, Matheus S. Cunha, Eduardo Bagé, Rogerio Vasconcelos, Rodrigo Shaier, Robger Varros, Gabriel Nscimiento, Geraldo Lemos, Adriano File, Jeferson Forest and Picuruta Salazar, all of whom are from Brazil, as well as the four competitors who previously classified yesterday.

The competition hit an all-time high as the first heat of the quarterfinals hit the water. Alexis Deniel (FRA), the only Frenchman in the competition, achieved a total of 10,70 and eliminated Brazilian Danilo Rodrigo, becoming the first competitor to find his way to the quarter finals.

Following Deniel´s win, came the most anticipated heat of the day. In heat two of the quarters, Alex Crazy Salazar (BRA) and local favorite Piccolo Clemente battled man on man, maneuver against maneuver, leaving nothing to chance.  The entire city of Huanchaco gathered on the shore to encourage the only Peruvian that still continues solid in the competition.

Piccolo Clemente, on his third consecutive day, proved to to be one of the best of Latin America.  The local did not only carry out radical and classical maneuvers, but also tapped into his extensive knowledge of home break, which definitely gave him edge over his opponent.



The horn has hardly stopped sounding, indicating the start of the heat when Clemente took his first wave. From the point to the sand, there was never a dull moment. Clemente executed a series of radical turns and hung five all the way to the water´s edge, where all of Huanchaco was there to encourage him.

His first wave earned Piccolo Clemente a strong score of 7, but he knew he needed more. The battle continued on between Salazar and Clemente. Wave after wave, leaving the competitors neck in neck. With four minutes left, Clemente put his local knowledge to use and snatched a solid score of 8, leaving his Brazilian competitor needing a 7.86 to surpass him into first place.

Then, just seconds before the heat was about to end, Salazar picked off his potential heat winning wave. After what seems like a million maneuvers, Salazar rides the white wash in and all of El Elio waits in silence for the judges´ scores. When the commentator clears his throat and annonces that Salazar´s last wave was not sufficient enough to surpass Clemente and take first place, the beach errupted in cheers. “Viva Peru!” could be heard to Chicama.

Piccolo Clemente is now the sole Peruvian surfer still remaining in the event, and has a tough job ahead of him as he will meet notable longboard pro Alexis Deniel tomorrow in the semifinals.

Tomorrow a Champion will be Crowned. Tomorrow is the final day of the competitions.  Many amazing athelets have been seen throughout these last few days, yet only one will be graced with the title of WQS six-star champion and receive the winner´s purse of US$ 8,000.

The line-up presented for tomorrow is a promising picture.  The first heat to enter the water are Alexis Deniel (FRA) and Piccolo Clemente (PER), followed Rodrigo Souza (BRA) verses Matheus S. Cunha (BRA). The penultimate battery puts Rodrigo Spehier (BRA) against Roger Clays (BRA) and, finally, Adriano File (BRA) will face his countryman and ten-time Longboard Champion, Picuruta Salazar.

The last day will begin at 11am with fierce competition until the great finale at 2:30pm (local time).

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