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Human Shark Island Challenge lights up



Bodyboard News

Human Shark Island Challenge hits

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 July, 2008 : - - During the Human Shark Island Challenge, 3rd event of the 2008 IBA Mens World Tour of Bodyboarding, you will be able to compete like a Pro Rider in the virtual contest of the event. The virtual contest will be held from July 11 to 20. The registration period will begin July 1 to 10, in the World Tour or Contest pages of the GAME section.

Prizes will be offered by HUMAN (shoes, backpacks, shirts and signed posters) to the 8 best riders and 8 competitors randomly selected, so register and play to have a chance to win! Thanks to the new Version 2 features of, you will also be able to watch photos, videos and news of the real contest, and many more surfing or bodyboarding movies!

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