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Hurley launches the latest Phantom Series Boardshort

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Hurley Phantom Incorporating Nike Flywire Technology is the Pinnacle True Performance Product

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 November, 2009 : - - Costa Mesa - This week, beach culture brand Hurley will introduce the limited-edition Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire, the most innovative boardshort to hit the waves in more than a decade.

Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire is the next generation in the Costa Mesa-based brand's successful Hurley Phantom boardshort series. Originally dubbed "Phantom" when it launched in Spring 2007 because it was so light and comfortable that the wearer didn't even notice it was there, the Hurley Phantom's unprecedented 120% stretch, water repellency, and advanced construction made it the most innovative boardshort on the market. For the past two years, the Hurley Phantom was voted "Boardshort of the Year" at the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) Image Awards, an event that polls more than 200 key retailers.

Building upon that success, Hurley is unveiling the next generation in boardshort excellence: Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire. This pure, performance-oriented boardshort offers welded seams, 140% stretch, and Nike Flywire, an advanced Nike technology that has never before been applied to the sport of surfing. Nike Flywire was initially developed to reduce weight while adding structure to track spikes. By incorporating it into the fly closure of boardshorts, Hurley has created a durable, flexible boardshort without the metal grommets in the waist band that wear, tear, and lack the balance of stability and fluidity that is so valued when a surfer is battling the elements.

"Surfing in the Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire is like being completely naked in the water," said 2009 Hurley U.S. Open of Surfing Champion Brett Simpson. "They are light, stretchy, soft, and don't cause a rash," Simpson continued, "and anytime I can surf as long as I dang well please without having to worry about rashes, I'm sold."

Over a period of 12 months, there were more than 30 iterations of Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire. Hurley Design Director Ryan Hurley worked directly with the Nike design and development teams to ensure optimal implementation of Nike Flywire technology and construction. By pooling expertise from the brilliant voices in the surf and sports industries, feedback from top Hurley athletes, and its own culture of innovation, Hurley has created the first boardshort to achieve true performance in the unpredictable ocean environment.

"Hurley continues to lead the way in providing surfers with pinnacle product, the Phantom with Nike Flywire sets the benchmark for surfers who are looking for true performance. We have limited numbers and there are customers already on waiting lists".   Simon Haskell, GM Hurley Australasia 

"These boardshorts are amazing, not just the best boardshort, hands down the best short".  Cooper Chapman Under 16 Australian Surfing Champion.

Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire boardshorts will be available on November 27, 2009 at select retailers worldwide for $249.95 AUD For more information, visit or contact Hurley customer service on 1300 139 719


Phanthom Flywire thread : photo Hurley

Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire


Hurley Phantom Fabric
- Compressed micro fibers woven with spandex create unparalleled 140% stretch
- Infused with ground breaking nano technology in water repellency to absorb less water than other boardshorts
- Finest quality micro yarns produce a soft and silky touch to skin
- Exclusive to Hurley Phantom series boardshorts

Performance Patterning 
- Designed with no inseam, leaving zero restriction in performance while maximizing comfort
- Overall seam and panel placement designed to promote natural flex patterns of the body
- Ensures consistency in fit and construction

Welded Seam Construction
- Improved durability and a 50% increased stretch over traditional stitched seams
- Lay flat against the skin resulting in minimal rub and less skin irritation
- Virtually invisible seams
- Production at the world’s premier welding facilities ensures the highest quality boardshort construction

EZ Fly
- Velcro-less fly closure developed and patented by Hurley that streamlines the short and adds comfort
- Maintains adjustability in the closure and removes negative aspects of the dated Velcro fly, such as snagging, peeling fabric, chafing, bulk and discomfort

Nike Flywire 
- A lightweight support system of tensile fibers that come together as the foundation for the closure panel
- High strength threads work like cables on a suspension bridge with support engineered precisely where needed
- Provides the ultimate strength and support while eliminating metal grommets


Super Stretch
- Enhanced mobility is at the heart of every significant innovation in performance surfing. The Hurley Phantom fabric and welded seem construction allows an unprecedented range of motion in the water.

Water Repellent
- Water repellency and quick dry finishing allows the Hurley Phantom boardshort to absorb far less water than other boardshorts, reducing weight, drag, and cling.

Superior Structure
- Nike Flywire incorporated into waistband closure panels increases structure and stability while reducing bulk, weight, and eliminating metal grommets.

Ultra Lightweight
- Micro-polyamide yarns and Velcro-free EZ fly, coupled with no-sew and hardware free construction, combine to produce the lightest boardshort ever created by Hurley.

Chafe No More
- Hurley Phantom fabric, EZ-fly, welded seam construction, lack of inseam, and the elimination of hardware decrease chafe while increasing comfort and durability.


What makes the construction of this boardshort so unique?
The Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire’s construction is unique due to the combination of the Hurley Phantom fabric’s 140% stretch and welded seam construction, which allow for an unprecedented range of motion in the water.

Why is range of motion important?
The key for optimal performance in any athletic endeavor - whether it be yoga, football or anything in between - is enhanced mobility. Striving to achieve complete range of motion is at the heart of every significant innovation in performance surfing.

What does it mean for a boardshort to have 140% stretch?
Rigid fabrics are not conducive to achieving contorted positions, so maximum stretch enhances comfort and range of motion. Most boardshorts on the market today have 5% to 10% stretch. Some competitors have stretch fabrics, but the Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire’s 140% four-way stretch truly paves the way for true performance.

What is Nike Flywire, and why put it in the waistband of a boardshort?
Nike Flywire is a technology originally developed to decrease weight and add structure to track shoes: The high strength threads bring stability just as cables on a suspension bridge provide support and strength precisely where it’s needed. In 2008, Hurley Design Director Ryan Hurley saw its potential to replace traditional lace and grommet board short closures that tend to ride up and shift around the waist of the wearer.

How does the Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire feel to the surfer wearing them?
The Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire is soft, lightweight, and comfortable while simultaneously strong and supportive in a complex environment, so it encourages the surfer to simply be one with the ocean. If a surfer is unhampered physically, he is unrestricted mentally, and this helps enhance the sport’s soulful experience.

Why is water repellency an important attribute in the Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire? Aren’t all board shorts water repellent?
The Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire absorbs far less water than other boardshorts because it combines groundbreaking nano technology in water repellency with quick dry finishing. The wearer can expect improved performance due to reduced weight, as well as increased comfort and range of motion.

How does a surfer benefit from having Nike Flywire in his boardshorts?
The benefits of wearing Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire include:
- The ability to move more confidently through powerful water, thanks to the stability that Nike Flywire provides
- More effective and commanding movement because the boardshort is lightweight and lacks bulk
- The boardshort can outlast any competitors because it doesn’t have metal grommets at the waist that are known to tear and degrade fabric over time.

How does the Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire address chafe, that uncomfortable irritation that results from boardshorts that rub the waist and thighs?
Chafe decreases for the surfer in the Hurley Phantom with Nike Flywire thanks to the combination of the Phantom fabric, EZ-fly, welded seam construction, lack of any inseam, and the elimination of hardware. Increased comfort and durability means more time in the water.

Hurley Phantom, Nike and Flywire are trademarks of Nike and its affiliated companies.

About Hurley
Founded in 1999, Hurley is a leading youth brand rooted in surf, skate, art, music and beach cultures. Driven by creativity and freedom of expression, Hurley develops world-class products for guys, girls and kids, including sportswear, footwear, eyewear, accessories, loungewear, swimwear and wetsuits. A wholly owned, independently run subsidiary of Nike, Inc., Hurley's corporate headquarters are located in Costa Mesa, CA, with international offices in Tokyo, Sydney, Barcelona and Bali.

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