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Ian Foulke signs on for business with Electric



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Ian Foulke now Global Lifestyle & Surf Marketing Manager

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 March, 2014 - San Clemente - Electric announced today that Ian Foulke has joined the company as Global Lifestyle & Surf Marketing Manager. Ian brings more than 13+ years of experience to Electric, previously Orange County sales/event support at Ambiguous Ind., West Coast Marketing and Retail liaison for Z-Brand and most recently Founder of Blacksmith Mfg.

“Upon first meeting Ian I was struck by his unique blend of talent, personality, and experience," said Zach Boon, VP of Global Marketing at Electric. His credibility and connections in surf will play a key role in continuing Electric’s leadership in the space. At the same time, his cultural insights resonate beyond the beach. It is this mix that has landed him in this newly created role – a role that represents that brand’s core values and evolution.” 

Ian Foulke shared his enthusiasm for a brand with SoCal origins. “With roots in San Clemente, I feel a natural connection to the brands operating here. Electric, being one of those brands, inspired me with the new vibe, team, logo and product. It spoke to me in a fresh voice and I knew I had to be part of it. I feel fortunate to be on a team with incredibly talented people and part of a brand with an authentic lifestyle story.”

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