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Images of Andrew Cotton's XXL wave going global

Andrew Cotton © David Olsthoorn


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Andrew Cotton’s XXL wave - The unseen photos

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 May, 2012 : - - This weekend will see the world’s best big wave surfers head to LA for the XXL awards. Tiki team rider Andrew Cotton will be there; nominated in the Biggest Wave Award category for a monstrous wave in Ireland. Video footage shot from the land and David Olsthoorn’s epic water shot on the a cover of Wavelength mag made the 50ft hollow beast one of the most published of 2012.

We can now release the unpublished shots of the wave – the angle that really shows the thickness, size and power of the wave and the 30ft wall of spray that blew Cotty off the board.

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Source: Tiki

Author: Phil Bridges

Tags: Big Wave, Mullaghmore, Andrew Cotton, Ireland, Tiki Surf

Big Wave: Surfersvillage



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