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Indosole's Innertubed, Kelapa & Ikhanna

$25 - $55

The Innertubed:
With a reputation of re-purposing materials, we felt an urge to further explore the space of the local Bali landfill. With soles and straps made from innertubes, they are incredibly lightweight, flexible, and comfy. These slip-on-and-go sandals are perfect for quick trips to the beach, lounging around the house, or a day out with your friends.

The Innertubed price: $25
100% handcrafted with re-purposed bicycle tire innertube sole and straps
No animals, no fuel powered machinery
Vegan leather footbed - durable and water resistant
Nylon toe thong
.5 inch wide straps
EVA foam insole
Light, flexible, and easy


The Kelapa:
“Kelapa" is the Indonesian word for coconut, and while you may not live near any coconut bearing palms, we hope this beachy shoe will make you feel a little closer to the tropics. Kelapa is similar to our classic “Pantai” beach shoe, but with a feminine twist. It features a slightly more pointed toe and a lower foot covering which matches up well with both beach and night time outfits. Available in a variety of colors and hand dyed Batiks.

Kelapa price: $55
100% handcrafted with re-purposed tire sole
No animals, and no fuel powered machinery
Custom dyed, organic canvas uppers
High quality stitching
2MM soft EVA foam insole with arch support - removable footbed
Canvas lining, with black screen-printed palm tree pattern
Machine washable - dry in sunshine
Worldwide shipping available
For this style please size down. For example if you are a 7.5, size down to a 7 when ordering.



The Ikhanna:
A nomad's lifestyle is all about versatility. While transitioning from beach mode to city mode, Indosole has you covered. The Ikhanna offers our ladies the support of an urban walking shoe mixed with fashionable flair. Available in 4 hand-dyed Batiks, ikat, or black canvas.

Ikhanna price: $50
100% handcrafted Women's sandalh re-purposed tire sole
No animals. No fuel powered machinery
Uppers made from hand-dyed batik, ikat, or black canvas.
Vegan suede braided toe thong
High Quality Stitching
YKK zipper in rear
EVA foam Insole wrapped with Vegan suede footbed 
Worldwide shipping available.
For this style please size down. For example, if you are a 7.5, please size down to a 7 when ordering.



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