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How SUPERbrand plans to expand reach throughout Europe


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Marketing manager Rémi Chaussemiche talks with Boardsport Source

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 February, 2016 - Since 2008, SUPERbrand has been making a big impact on the surf and apparel market by combining fashion and high-quality surf boards. The brand gathers shapers, artists, designers, surfers, and many other creatives all under one roof.

Started in California, SUPERbrand is now seeing great traction in the European market and Rémi Chaussemiche, European Sales and Marketing Manager recently talked with Boardsports SOURCE about the European setup.

Please could we have a brief history of the brand?
Founded in 2008, SUPERbrand is a Southern California based company that has positioned itself as a Creative, Hype and Young surf company that bridges the gap between surf and fashion. 

Creative: SUPERbrand is a collective of shapers, artists and surfers who collaborate to create  on-trend apparel and surfboards. This is a unique concept in the surf industry.

Hip: we work with some of the ‘hippest’ surfers (such as Dion Agius), artists (Sketchy Tank and Tyler Sprangler etc), photographs and filmers. Young surfers are demanding, and we create products that meet their lifestyle and riding needs.

With branches in Europe, Australia and Brazil, SUPERbrand is stepping forward, setting a new image for the next generation of design and creative energy.

What do you see as SUPERbrand's USP?
We make on-trend apparel that is relevant to both surf and fashion circles as well as quality surfboards.

Please outline the new European setup.
SUPERbrand Europe is a joint venture between SUPERbrand Intl and X-treme Entreprise. As an autonomous company SUPERbrand Europe has its own structure, budget, etc, which allows the brand to focus on the local market and grow its business to its full potential.

What benefits do you expect to get by having a European operation?
Europe remains a strong market both for apparel and surfboards. It will allow us to develop a better understanding of the European market and to adapt our service to the consumption habits in the region. A local sales force will also allow us to develop the business in Europe. Our vision is to be a global brand acting locally and to achieve this we need to have a local structure.

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