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Injury Updates: Owen Wright's recovery process




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Owen is back on a short board after a tragic Pipe brain injury

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 July, 2016 - At maxing Pipe last December Owen Wright took multiple waves on the head during one very intense session. He exited the water, complained that he felt dizzy and went to lie down. Once he woke up, his condition was worse and he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.

The lanky Australian has been keeping the world updated on his recovery. Last March he had his first post-trauma surf session with his wife Kita where he struggled to surf a soft-top. His instagram post read: 

"It was the funnest thing in the world. Funny thing is... I couldn't get to my feet. So I just laid there. It was about knee high and the drop was... well, there was none but it felt like I was dropping into 10-foot Teahupo'o. I finished the wave and I was so stoked I let out a hoot and claimed it and high-fived Kita".

Now Owen has just posted a conforting message on his Instagram account telling the world that he is on his way to a 100% recovery: 

"Thought I'd update you guys on the injury. After finishing a treatment I came out wondering what the hell had happened in the last 6 months... it was a total blur. I was a bit freaked out but was feeling strangley good. Doctors assured me that it was normal at this stage and that I have turned a massive corner and I'm on the right track to 100% recovery. For the last couple months ive been adapting to this stage in my life... everything that has happened since this experience has given me total differnet feeling to my life that I'm incredibly grateful for. P.S. I'm back surfing a short board... yew"

It will be great to see Owen wearing a jersey again. It's just a matter of time. He is rebuilding his self confidence and rediscovering his abilities. We look forward to seeing him back in the game.


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