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UK's Seb Smart brings DIY and punk ethos to the internet

Seb Smart @ Vans



The Surfersvillage Interview

Interview: Seb Smart, innovative, creative & amazingly blonde

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 May, 2016 - Cornwall’s Seb Smart is an innovative goofyfooter who, despite his free-surf label and clip creativity can win surf contests. But we don’t think he wants to. The amazingly blonde surfer with extra fast-twitch muscle fibres, love of Marlboros and stunning ability to cast brooding stares is currently loading the internet with amazing and innovative surfing.

His clips are fresh and his surfing creative, a joy to watch all around. Seb is the subject of this week’s Surfersvillage interview.

@ Sam Breeze

How would you describe yourself?
I'm 23 years old guess I'm pretty chilled. I respect people who are nice. I haven't got any time for people that aren't. I like going against the grain. I like doing things my own way. I guess you could call me a bit of an anarchist. I love my friends and my family. My passion and respect for the ocean is big. I like history, ancient civilisations, Skateboarding and boxing.

How would you describe what you do for work to a very small, inattentive child? 
I'd probably say I taste colours and look at noise for a living. They can listen if they want 

What is that you do professionally that you are most proud of? 
Sneezing and yawning.

What are you currently working on that you’re really excited about? 
Driving, I'm 23 and still don't have a license. I'm looking forward to being able to do things I want when and wherever they are.

@ Sam Breeze


Tell us what has been your biggest mistake? What did you learn from that mistake? 
Wooooa Loaded question hahaa. I'll keep it chilled and say probably crashing a 30 grand car when I was young. A skint 12 year old writing off a 30grand car is never good. Think about things more. Take care

Share with us your biggest Rocky Balboa moment (you know, punching meat in a freezer then running up the steps of City Hall with your own special theme music blaring.) 
I won the British nationals when I was young. You know it was like under 14's or something and I was 13 but It was just that bit better because I felt I did it alone and with a bit of a vengeance. A lot of these other guys had their parents carrying their boards for em and shit. Screaming stuff from the shoreline.

Really gettin into it, I remember feeling like they were gettin into my head, dad would take me to them and just chill. He has never surfed in his life and wasn't too into the scene either. When I won it did feel really good. Felt like I had an excuse to be smug. I felt like a bit of an outcast at contests and that little win gave me a real boost in confidence and all that.


@ Sam Breeze


If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing? Selling shoes? This meaning this interview?
Something epic. 

OK, you get to drop into five moments in history – surf or otherwise. Please name them and why. 
I'd have liked to have been there when the great pyramids of Giza were being built. I love ancient Egypt and like how they covered them in limestone to make em glow gold. Let alone lining em up with stars. I'm pretty fascinated by them..

I'd liked to have chilled with Leonardo da Vinci. Few beers and to just talk about his views and what was behind a lot of what he created. It's frustrating looking back at history and not being able to know what happened exactly or what things meant and if there were hidden messages in old artefacts. 

I Would have liked to be have been at Oak Island when the money pit was being made to see what the fuck it was all about and why it was built. They say there's treasure down there but everyone who has gone to check it has died. Check it's too long to explain..

I'd have liked to have been knockin around during the 1500's, being a pirate. A nice old sword. Fully customised. A tight family crew of like minded intelligent Homies. We'd kill the other pirates who just killed for the sake of it, we would look after good Innocent people and that. Maybe franchise in a way...make a fleet.

We'd make an example and become a genuine government. For da peepz..i would like to do that now more than ever but I'm too busy with other masterplans. errr I d like to have seen the lighthouse of Alexandria. That looked/sounded real cool.

No painting or anything seems to be that accurate, they're all different but look insane. Yeah In a nut shell. A pirate who checked out and helped make the pyramids and the money pit on oak island, chillin on the lighthouse of Alexandria drinkin ale with Leonardo da Vinci. 



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