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Interview: Shea Lopez on his past, present, & future

Shea Lopez : photo courtesy Shea Lopez


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Shea Lopez talks about the past present and a bit of the future

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 April, 2012 : - - Former ASP dream Tour resident and Corey's Brother, Shea Lopez is part of the band at the origins of new school surfing, with Shane Beschen, Kalani Robb, or aerial artist Tim Curran. But who really is this tricky charger ? Shea Lopez comes back on his carreer, the brotherhood and his current life.

A word on the brotherhood ?
Having brothers that surf is the best thing in the world

How was your childhood with Cory as a brother ?
We had a lot fun hating each other

Any Rivalry ?
With everything we did. so much so that besides for surfing and skateboarding we formed very different intersests

When did you decide to become pro surfer ?
Summer before junior year of high school at Clearwater Central Catholic. Made plans to live at a friend's house so I could go to school at Melbourne High. A public school on the East Coast of Florida were there is actually surf.

Tell me about your career...
I've made a career from my ability to ride waves. It has been EPIC!
Winning the U.S. Open was the best feeling I've had surfing in a contest situation. 
Early boat trip to Mentawais in early 90's was very special

At your time on the Dream Tour it was kinda brotherhood story, the Lopez, Goods, Munro, Irons, how was it ?
The Dream Tour with Rabbitt running the show was one long surf trip with my friends and family.

Was your goal to be world champion ?
No. I wanted to be better than Kelly Slater from the first time I saw him surf. I was 10 he was 12.
the rest just fell into place after that.

How did you feel when you quit the tour ?
Tired and ready to move on.

What are you doing now ?
I'm a dad now of two wonderful daughters age 5 and almost a year.  Everything I do on the side is born from the love I have for them. My 5 year old loves to surf.  I think I'm going to be around the surf world in many ways for a long time to come.

What do you think about Cory's come back on Top ?
He has been surfing brilliantly. The teahupoo wave without straps on surfline blew me away. making a tube like that without straps or a tow board shouldn't be possible.  Then the recent surfs I had with him at home in small surf shocked me with how consistently radical he still gets. Still not sure how he loss a few of his heats this year, but he's had his time on the tour and now it will be a lot more fun to watch him surf crazy slabs and do huge airs on crazy wedges -- that's where his heart has always been anyways.

Do you feel like why not me now ?
Watching events like Supertubes in Portugal go down, I would love to compete in those conditions. Watching events like Santa Cruz, I am soooooooo happy to not be hassling at the Lane for the one good wave that comes in during a 4 man heat.

What about the new world Tour ?
Still figuring it out.

The new criteria ?
Getting closer to where it should have been since the mid 90's.

At your time, guys like the Lopez, Kalani, Beschen or Tim Curan would have been devastating with those criteria don't you think so ?
YES.  But at the same time, in the late 90's I loss a heat to a high profile surfer when he was given an 8 for a floater on a head high wave.  This was after I had scored a 7 for a big air I was surprised to make.  Owen Vs Adriano, last year, was almost a carbon copy, from the surfing to the judging, of my loss many, many years ago.

Do the young KIDS earn too much money ?
No.  potential is gold to sponsors. branding the next world champ is the goal when throwing heaps of cash at the next big thing.

Some of the best riders both male and female don't have sponsors (davo, melanie barrels)
whereas others who are not that good got all the money (monyca byrne wickey), how do you explain that ?

Cory said to me there is no more charisma on tour, but competition droids what do you think about those words ?
The demands of tour life have put an end to the days of past.  There will never be another time when you have a group like Andy, Bruce, Cory, Ward, Kalani, Sunny on tour.  In varying degrees I was lucky/unlucky enough to do most of my freesurfing/partying on tour with that group.

What next for Shea ?
I only look as far ahead as my next meal.

Shea words:

Wave / Teahupoo
Spot / Tavarua
Place to be / Home
Trip / Mentawais
Event / Pipeline
Party / Home
Video / Who is J.O.B.
Surfer / Kelly
Board / Lost
Win / Always
Lose / Happens
Track list / My memories

Tell me about the last year rio pro with all the legends !
Almost killed me

Thanx Shea...
Always welcome mate.

Source: Johann Mouchel

Author: Johann Mouchel

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