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Find out why William Aliotti gets to stay at the Volcom Pipe House






William Aliotti tells us about his life touring the world

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 May 2016 - William Aliotti has an atypical surf career. Originally from Saint Martin, he's done most of his surf training in Hossegor for the past 10 years. WIth a solid rail game and tube sense honed at La Graviere, the 22 year-old has earned his keep as a professional free surfer.

His loose approach to surfing and his ability to perform in a broad range of conditions, from beachbreaks to dry reefs, has landed him on the European Volcom Team - an honor that grants him travel around the world. And a spot at the Volcom House in Hawaii.

We talked to Aliotti about what it takes to travel the world in search of clips and QS points.


What are your objectives for this year ?
I had a few video projects which will keep me busy the whole year. The edit should be released at the beginning of 2017. It's actually a secret project, because I have't started it yet and I don't want to give too much away. 

We hear that you’re currently in Australia, tell us what you are doing there and where your travels will take you after.
I was in Hawaii before Australia! I wanted to go back to Hawaii because I hadn't been there for 2 or 3 years . It was important for me and my sponsors to be at Pipeline working together. And everything went really well.

I've spent two weeks in Australia to meet my girl, and also because the flight ticket from Australia to Tahiti was less expensive. I got really lucky with the swell in Australia, and I had the chance to surf Snapper and Dbah everyday.

As I answer these questions, we are now in the airport at Brisbane waiting for the flight to Tahiti, where we will spend two months. It looks like there is swell coming, so I'm pretty exited.


What are you expecting from this personal world tour? 
I'm expecting some HD videos and a lot of RAW images! I also hope to get some footage that attracts a target other than just surfers.

Do you have any funny travelling stories to share with us?
I've had so many awesome experiences!! its really hard to choose one moment because there are so many! But it's always good fun doing trips with my friend and my sponsor, Volcom.

What about your traveling conditions, who are you traveling with ?
I'm traveling with my girlfriend at the moment, along with all my video and photo gear : 5D mark III, 7D mark II, 100-400mm canon Lens, a tripod, drone, gopro and obviously my boardbag

Are you couch surfing on the spot ? 
Yes, I got the chance to stay in the Volcom House right in front of Pipeline! It's pretty sick to see this wave from the bed!!

Is the competition over for you or will the QS see you back next year ?
No, it's not over. You know that now we have enough contests in Europe to reach the top 100 without even spending that much money. So I'm looking to make some good results in Europe, and get a place on the top 100. Then we will see what's next.

Finally, tell us something people don’t know about you ?
When I don’t surf I like to take pictures. I have some really nice equipment like a GoPro, Canon camera and a drone. It’s nice to see the surf from a different perspective sometimes.

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