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Ion taps Hot Stuff technology in latest accessories line




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Serious Winter Weather Accessories Use Soft Touch

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 December, 2014 - In ION's point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve to have the same thought and precision applied to them as the larger, more complex items do.

The Neo Accessoriees are a small but essential part of the entire equipment chain, and sometimes it's these small items that decide wether you have a great day in the water or whether you go home frustrated. 

Extend your session with ION's selection of neoprene accessories -all with the totally improved Hot Stuff lining. The Hot Stuff lining has a wooly-like appearance and feels nice and soft on bare skin.

. GBS_Seams
. EVA_Shield
. Draw_Cord
. Ear_Holes: for better hearing and orientation
. Helio_Plush
. C_Mesh: windchill protection



Claw Gloves (top)
. GBS_Seams: water sealing for all seams
. Clawger grip: strongly pre-curved, ergonomic finger shape for non exhausting, super comfortable grip around the boom / bar
. Anti_Slip: full palm allover printing for best grip
. Elastic band: velcro closure around the wrist
. Soft touch: outside jersey on thumb to wipe off dripping nose snot
. Abrasion: resistant double lined forefinger

Neo Gloves 3/2 (bottom left) & Neo Gloves 2/1 (bottom right)
. Gecko_Grip: ever watched a gecko running up and down the walls? Then you know inspiration for this feature: A very thin layer of Tatex neoprene with a full cover palm embossing in circular ribbed shape provides awesome grip on the wet surface of a boom or kite bar. It prevents cramps and makes a huge difference compared to conventional glove constructions.
. Dual_Seal (3/2): new double layer cuff construction on the collar improves the water sealing significantly
. Donut_Cuff (2/1): made of one piece of Neoprene provides slick cuff sealing without seams
. Cuff_Tongue: two wave shaped tongues on inner cuff make it easier to grab with fingers and pull
. Velcro_Closure: outer cuff has a Velcro closure for easy access and water sealing
. Glide_Skin: inside wrist PU-coating for perfect water sealing and anti rash
. Tatex_Glue: all GBL seams are sealed outside with extra Tatex_Glue for best waterproofness
. Reinforcement: inner cuff is reinforced with Tatex_Glue against pulling
. C_Mesh: windchill protection (only 3/2)
. K_Type Neoprene: stronger Skin Neoprene against abrasion and to limit stretch in palm





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