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Isaac Vega maintains rankings lead at Playa Hermosa


Isaac Vega : Shifi Surf Photos


Federacion de Surf Costa Rica (FS)
Playa Hermosa, Puntarenas
7 - 8 January 2006  



Surfersvillage Global Surf News, Playa Hermosa, COSTA RICA January 7, 2006 – Isaac Vega, who began the Circuito Nacional de Surf (CNS) Copa Mango in Playa Hermosa as the #1 ranked Open leader a mere 15 points ahead of his next competitor Durby Castillo (Pavones), advanced to the quarterfinals today with a superb surfing performance that allowed him to make up for the misstep he made at the last competition in Tamarindo, where he was eliminated in the first heat of the day. 

At the close of the day, which featured conditions that were smaller than average for the powerful break called Hermosa with most sets 3 to 4 feet yet surfable in all tides, Tamarindo’s Vega advanced to the next round in 1st place, with Jaco’s Jairo Perez in 2nd place after the 13th heat of the Open category.  

“The competition was a little hard,” commented Vega at the end of the day. “It featured very good, experienced champion surfers such as Nino Myrie and Gilbert Brown who we all know are gonna try hard to get to the Finals. Maybe, if the waves get better, that would help me get the job done.” 

The eliminated of Tamarindo’s Federico Pilurzu in the 17th Heat of the Open was one of the biggest surprises of the day, and an almost mirror play to the previous month’s contest when he moved on and his close friend Isaac Vega went to the sidelines. Pilurzu, a seasoned veteran with solid skills and confident maneuvers in general, was taken to task by Jaco’s Jason Torres and Teal Akerson, who also join Vega and Perez in the quarterfinals. 

After staying out of the waves for five months to recuperate from a left knee operation, Puerto Viejo’s Gilbert Brown was back in the CNS. The 2002-03 Costa Rican National Champion roared back with a great performance level that earned him 1st place in both heats he surfed today.  

“During this time, I was out because of my recovery,” Brown explained. “I know that a new generation of surfers has been born in places like Nosara, Tamarindo, Jaco and Puerto Viejo and other places. That’s one of the reasons now, much more control is needed to surf.”  

Meanwhile,in the Junior division the actual rankings leader Jairo Perez made it to the semifinal round with Nikolas Ruhlow—who is still as focused as ever, continuing to pull wins like he did in 3 categories last month, David Herrera, Orlando  Solis, Olman Morales ,Carlos Muñoz, Jason Torres and Anthony Flores. 

Today’s Copa Mango had to, once again, accommodate, a large number of participants—making it the third time out of the three contests so far this year that the Costa Rican Federacion de Surf (FS) had to accommodate a huge demand of registered entrants. Today there were 178 surfers inscribed in the 11 categories, and two separate contest areas were run in front of The Backyard Hotel in order to compete all of the necessary heats. In addition, the contest marked the beginning of a three-date contest-within-a-contest format sponsored by Mango Skate & Surf Shop. The Copa Mango in Playa Hermosa followed February 11 and 13 in Playa Dominical and finishing the trifecta March 4 and 5 in Playa Nosara will award ranking points and prizes to the winner of these three dates, as well as adding to the overall rankings of the CNS. 

The international sponsors for Copa Mango are Red Bull, Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong, and Freestyle. Costa Rica’s sponsors are: Mango Surf & Skate, Tamarindo Vista Villas, Cala Luna Hotel & Villas, Hacienda Pinilla Beach Resort & Residential Community, The Backyard, Chuck’s W.O.W. Surf Shop, Shifi Surf Shots, Liquid Solutions, Bevy Media Corp, Fischer Bros Surfboard Designs, Banzaii, Carton, Teletica 7, 911 La Radio, Surfos Magazine, Waves Costa Rica, Cabinas Arenas, Jungle Bar. 

The winners of 1st place in all categories at Copa Mango in Playa Hermosa receive 1,000 points tomorrow. The contest will resume at 7 a.m. Sunday, January 8, 2006 

Balance of the Copa Mango Circuito Nacional de Surf 
scheduled for Playa Hermosa, January 8, 2006

Open Quarterfinals: Isaac Vega, Jairo Pérez, José Montoya, Nikolas Ruhlow, Gilbert Brown, Arturo Quirós, Pedro Cruz, Vilbert Wingroove, Jason Torres, Teal Akerson, Mauricio Umaña, Rónald Reyes, José Rojas, Gustavo Strasser, Nino Myrie and Durby Castillo.

Juniors Quarterfinals: Jairo Pérez, Nikolás Ruhlow, David Herrera, Orlando Solís, Olman Morales, Carlos Muñoz, Jason Torres and Anthony Flores.

Boys Quarterfinals: Carlos Muñoz, Nikolás Ruhlow, Mariana Díaz, Michael Torres, Anderson Tascon, Anthony Segura, Jairo Pérez, Ariel Agüero, Jefferson Tascon, Juan Calderón, Anthony Flores and Rudy Jiménez.

Grommets Semifinals: Carlos Muñoz, José Calderón, Anthony Segura, Danny Bishko, Angelo Bonomelli, Anderson Tascon, Roberto Jiménez and Michael Torres.

Mini Grommets Finals: Joshué Rodríguez, Parker Hundley, Alberto Muñoz and Marcos Rojas.

Womens Semifinals: Natalie Bernold, Malia Rimavicus, Laura Pecoraro, Andreina Samudio, Cristina Costa and Carolina Herrera.

Junior Womens Semifinals: Angie Forigua, Natalie Bernold, Mariana Díaz, Lupe Galluccio, Kiara Chellini, Andreina Samudio, Malia Galluccio and Ericka Valverde.

Longboard Semifinals: Teal Akerson, Hannah Ricco, Juan Diego Evangelista, Fleury Emilsen, Esteban Leitón and Rónald Reyes.

Longboard Womens Finals: Zephyr Robb and Hannah Rico.

Masters Finals: Louis Maresca, Alex Galluccio, Chuck Herwing, Edward Ferry and Luis Corrella.

Bodyboard Finals: Iván Castillo, Carlos Jiménez, Alex Jiménez and David Wettstein.


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Source: Costa Rica’s Federacion de Surf

The Gran Finals of the 2005-06 CNS will be in Hermosa Beach on April 7-8, 2006, where the champions will be crowned.  



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