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Jeremy Flores wins his third Nixon WTA award

 Jeremy Flores © ASP/Kirstin

Nixon WTA Teahupoo

Teahupo’o, Taiarapu French Polynesia
15 - 26 August 2013

Flores wins the Nixon WTA with perfect 10 point ride

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 August, 2013 : - - Clenching the victory at Nixon’s seventh annual WTA, Reunion Island’s Jeremy Flores is this year’s winner for “Heaviest Wave” during the Billabong Pro. This victory marks Flores’ third consecutive win for the WTA title along the Tahiti stop of the tour.

Known as having one of the heaviest and most contestable waves in the world, Teahupoo is the ultimate arena when it comes to battling it out for “Heaviest Wave.” Proving he is the man to beat, Flores snagged the win with his 10-point ride in Round 2, Heat 10. 

Jeremy Flores walks away with the coveted WTA title and a custom Nixon watch valued at $10,000. This year’s trophy timepiece features a Swiss made ETA 3-hand mechanical automatic movement with 25 jewels and day/date function.

The all-black stainless steel watch is adorned with 60 rubies on the outer bezel, in addition to 12 rubies and 48 black diamonds on the inner dial ring, and is topped off with a red tinted crystal caseback with 13 rubies on the watch crown.

Winners of The Nixon WTA are awarded a custom Nixon watch valued at over $10,000 USD. All surfers are eligible to win the Nixon WTA during the ASP stop, whether they qualify for the final heats or not, making it a unique contest-within-a-contest.

Source: Nixon

Author: Angelique Coueraud

Tags: Nixon, Winner Takes All, Teahupoo, Jeremy Flores

Contests: Surfersvillage


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