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John John's amazing run through the lens of Joli

John John Florence © Joliphoto


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According to many pros John’s performance redefined the way to surf Margaret River

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 April, 2017 - Photographer Peter "Joli" Wilson was on hand at Margaret River for the entire 10-day event and absorbed all the amazing moments that went down: Firing surf at North Point, great surf at Main Break and John John Florence's amazing next level peformance. Wilson filed the following words, photos and observations from an amazing event..

G'Day from the west,

The 2017 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro is a wrap. If you’ve been following it’s progress over the 12 day waiting period it will come as no surprise that John John Florence was the one holding the winner’s trophy aloft today. As the runner up, Kolohe Andino, said on the stage, “I’m just glad I was on the other side of the draw.”

John John Florence @ Joliphotos

John’s performance redefined the way to surf Margaret River. Long time observers were saying that they had never seen anyone surf Margaret River like John did over the past few days. His surfing was sublime with positioning and timing; His boards seemed to be cutting through sections and getting more speed than anyone else.

John John Florence @ Joliphotos

He has spent a lot of time surfing in the region over the years, he loves it and compares its power to his home breaks in Hawaii. This partly explains today’s result plus I think the pressure of winning a World Title has been lifted and now John’s taking his surfing to another level.

John John Florence @ Joliphotos

This isn’t good news for his fellow competitors but as he said today, “’s early in the year and there’s a lot of surfing ahead of us.” 


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