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Joli Photos records the buzz that was Cyclone Marcia

Mitch Parkinson (surfing) © Peter 'Joli' Wilson



Joli's Blog

Peter 'Joli' Wilson sends the following report from Cyclone Marcia..

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 March, 2015 - Just a week before the Quiksilver and Roxy Pros Cyclone Marcia lit up the Gold Coast with pumping surf. For a week visiting pros and local heroes enjoyed consistent surf from Snapper down to Kirra, and Peter 'Joli' Wilson was there to catch it...

Hi from the Goldie, It was almost perfect timing to end my trip to Namotu Is. in Fiji with Cyclone Marcia throwing up swell for the Gold Coast. The water colour was a bit off from all the rain but the bank at Kirra was firing on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. The swell stuck around all week and I shot everyday , mainly around Snapper as the swell dropped back to around 3'-4' from the east.


There was a solid crew around pre-Quikie Pro so there's big mix of people in this Gallery. I'll keep adding to it as free surf sessions go down. I've started another separate gallery for the Quiksilver Pro named 'Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2015'.

Check out Joli Photos' "Kirra - Snapper Rocks 2015" images here


Peter 'Joli' Wilson

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