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Kaimana Henry takes victory at the Da Hui Shootout



Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

Off the Wall, Backdoor, Pipeline Oahu
12 - 16 January 2016

Impossible barrel at Off the Wall gives Henry the win

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 January, 2016 - Wind the clock back to 1999, in the early days of the Da Hui Shootout and a young surfer out of Maui was making covers with his performances at Backdoor and Pipe as one of Hawaii's great hopes, with a unique and powerful style.

While he narrowly missed out on a Shootout victory back then, fast forward 16 years, and Team Volcom's Kaimana Henry was firing all cylinders, posting a series of scores in the excellent range over the 3 days / rounds of competition, highlighted by an impossible barrel that pushed him into the Shootout realm of 11 points.

The Shootout has a unique format, where all athletes surf an equal amount of times in a non elimination format that celebrates commitment. Here is the criteria:

The best scores are acrrued round by round to provide the overall result.
If 3 rounds or less are completed, it is the best 2 waves that count
If 4 or 5 rounds, it is the best 3 waves that count
If 6 rounds are completed, then the best 4 waves would be counted.
The Shootout opens the scoring range up to 12 points to acknowledge exceptional rides and not limit the threshhold 


Kaimana was looking good no matter what, with 4 scores in the excellent range to his name by the time 3 rounds were complete. The 11 point ride at Off the Wall thanks to the most mindblowing barrel of the whole event (comparable to the ride that secured victory for Kelly Slater at the 1996 Shootout) coupled with a 9.2 point ride propelled him into first on the leaderboard, a position that now has him claiming victory at the 2016 Da Hui Shootout in memory of Duke Kahanamoku. 

Jamie O'Brien finishes in a very close 2nd at the Shootout with another impressive World Class performance at his home break

As usual, Jamie O'Brien (Team Da Hui Wax) put on a clinical performance out at his favorite wave, with a string of phenomenal waves in the 9 point range, playing with both Backdoor and Pipe in a way that only he can.

From switch stance barrel riding to a full rotation rodeo flip, Jamie's familiarity and casual approach to riding one of the World's most feared waves never ceases to amaze, this time earning him a very close second place overall in the 2016 Da Hui Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku.

Jay Davies stands strong for Australia and Team RVCA to post an impressive 3rd place finish among Hawaii's finest


Jay Davies had an amazing 2015, with wildcard performances to remember that catapulted him onto Surfing's center stage. Spending much of his winter out here on Oahu's fabled North Shore and representing RVCA, Jay was given the opportunity to take part in the prestigious 2016 Da Hui Shootout, a spot that he earned and them some with a standout performance throughout the event.

A series of excellent rides, highlighted by an impressive 9+point ride at Backdoor, saw Jay secure 3rd place overall in the 2016 Da Hui Shootout - an impressive achievement considering the depth of local talent taking part. Make sure to check out all the highlights by going to

Team Volcom take victory by 0.09 of a point in the overall standings at the 2016 Da Hui Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku

Surfing by nature is an individual sport, and therefore competition ends up celebrating the individual athlete. However, in the spirit of the Club, the Team element to the Da Hui Shootout does make the event unique, allowing brands to select key players to represent them in this prestigious showdown on Oahu's fabled North Shore.

In this year's Shootout, 7 teams were represented, with one of the tightest Title finishes to date coming together on the Final day, with Team Volcom (led by Kaimana Henry) and Team Da Hui Wax 1 (led by Jamie O'Brien) fighting it out to the bitter end.



In the end, it was Team Volcom who ended up on top by the smallest possible margin (0.09 points), ahead of Team Da Hui Wax 1 and in 3rd, Team Da Hui Wax 2. Here are the final standings:

Team Volcom: 64.43
Da Hui Wax 1: 64.34
Da Hui Wax 2: 57.76
North Shore Surf Shop: 55.09
RVCA 51.09
Hurley 50.4
Quiksilver 47.23

Da Hui Shootout successfully celebrates the tradition of Hawaiian Ocean riding at the North Shore's most iconic surf spot

In the spirit of celebration of Duke Kahanamoku's life and legacy here in the islands, the Da Hui Shootout brings together all forms of Ocean riding for a unique showcase of Hawaii's most famous wave, but also among its favorite sons.

This year's Shootout saw a spectacular showcase for shortboard, SUP, Longboard and Bodysurf in equally spectacular surf, as Hawaii's best were joined by a few select internationals for a completely unique event and very fitting celebration of the Duke.

Here are the final standings across the 4 divisions:


Kaimana Henry (Team Volcom)
Jamie O'Brien (Team Da Hui Wax)
Jay Davies (Team RVCA)
Gavin Beschen (Team Volcom)
Nathan Florence (Team Da Hui Wax)
Torrey Meister (Team Da Hui Wax)
Ezekiel Lau (Team Quiksilver)
Dusty Payne (Team Volcom)
Billy Kemper (Team Da Hui Wax)
Luke Shepherdson (Team North Shore Surf Shop)

Stand Up Paddle:

Mo Freitas (Focus SUP)
Zane Schweitzer (Starboard)
Bullet Obra
Keali'i Mamala
Pomai Hoapili
Kainoa McGee


Dino Miranda
Lance Ho'okano
Makamai DeSoto
Duane DeSoto
Zane Aikau


Todd Sells
Mark Cunningham
Mel Keawe
Duane DeSoto
Kai Santos
Tau Hannemann

Da Hui, Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, Backdoor, Pipeline, Off the Wall, North Shore
Tristan Boxford

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