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Keith Malloy bodysurfing film embarks on world tour...



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Woodshed Films, Patagonia, and Nixon Present Keith Malloy’s Latest Film Project  |  française ci-dessous

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 September, 2011 : - - Annecy, France -- Woodshed Films, Patagonia, and Nixon are proud to announce the world tour for Patagonia ambassador Keith Malloy’s debut film project, ‘Come Hell or High Water’. The film explores the history and progression of the sport of bodysurfing and the pureness that comes from riding a wave. Shot primary in 16mm, the film takes a unique look at the culture, beauty and simplicity of the sport, capturing the stories and locations of those who belong to this community.

While Malloy is most widely known for his time in the water as a surfer, his exploration into the world of bodysurfing began some 10 years ago when he wanted to reconnect with the ocean and did so through bodysurfing. Said Malloy about this project, “It’s about taking a breath and kicking your feet in the big blue sea.”

The world premiere of Come Hell or High Water will take place on September 17 at the New York Film Festival. The European premiere will take place at the London Surf Film Festival on October 15th.  A portion of the proceeds from the tour’s ticket sales will be donated to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance aimed at working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts.

Come Hell or High Water will be available as a special edition DVD and digital download available from with an estimated release date of October 25, 2011.





Dans ce film, Keith explore l’histoire et l’évolution de ce sport

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 September, 2011 : - - Annecy, France -- Patagonia, la société de vêtements outdoor est heureuse de présenter le dernier projet de son ambassadeur Keith Malloy «Come Hell or High Water». Dans ce film, Keith explore l’histoire et l’évolution de ce sport à travers de personnages atypiques. Il a réussi à capturer la magie du body surf : le choix de la vague, un bon drop, la glisse, la force de propulsion.

Ce film dévoile également une belle aventure humaine. ‘Retenir son souffle et battre des pieds dans l’immensité du bleu de la mer’. Cet hommage à l’art du body surfing sera distribué par Woodshed Films à l’automne 2011 avec notamment une avant première européenne lors du London Surf Film Festival, le 15 octobre 2011.

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