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Kepa Acero and Reef reflect on their relationship

Kepa Acero © Reef



Team Updates

Kepa Acero Celebrates 25 Years as a Reef Ambassador

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 May, 2014 - At the early age of nine, Kepa Acero purchased his first pair of Reef sandals at a little stockhouse garage in 1989. During this time, two Argentinian Brothers had created Reef, inspired by their active and adventurous lifestyles. Already passionate about surfing, Kepa encompassed the original surf philosophy that Reef was all about.

“Just Passing Through” represents the afternoon sea breezes through the sage, drying clothes on the line to morning offshores sculpting mid period swell in random peaks. It is the surfers, the artists and the wanderers who are just passing through, leaving no environmental footprint and only packing with them their essentials.

An explorer, filmmaker, photographer, and no doubt a surfer Kepa lives a simple life that has inspired Reef’s “one-bag-mentality.” Lightweight waterproof jackets, breathable and packable boardshorts and t-shirts and durable and comfortable footwear have accompanied Kepa on his journeys.

Travelling from the warm epic waves of Indonesia and Hawaii to the most remote areas of the planet such as Patagonia, Alaska, Siberia and the coldest waters of Antarctica, Kepa’s continues to search for the perfect waves and explore his natural surroundings. Today, Kepa is a 34 year old traveller and maintains his ability to dream and the genuine spirit he had as a child. With a “Just Passing Through” philosophy, he’s been representing Reef as an ambassador for 25 years. 

Kate Cameron

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