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Kepa Acero sessions Antarctica with penguins

The world's largest penguin, Kepa Acero © Kepa Acero

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Surfing on Antarctican iceberg with penguins, by Kepa Acero

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 January, 2013 : - - Kepa Acero follows his '5 SEAS' project in Antarctica aboard the PAKEA BIZKAIA and although he is  having unforgettable experiences, he has not been able until now to meet one of his goals: surf virgin waves in extreme conditions in the Amundsen sea. Let´s hope that in these last days he is lucky.

The video of the swin with his penguin friends () has had a far-reaching, going on 5 days over 380,000 reproductions. Since he edited the video we could not communicate with him, so we are waiting.

On the other hand - after several weeks of voting - today Kepa has been proclaimed ADVENTURER OF THE YEAR by the web epictv. We want to thank you for all the support that you have given during these weeks. You are those who really have done  Kepa adventurer of the year. Thanks a lot.

Source: Pake Abizkaia

Author: Nagore Anabitarte/Cristina Martín/Eduardo Quintana

Tags: Kepa Acero, Antarctica, Sailboat

Surf Travel: Surfersvillage


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