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Kevin Olsen launches Hossegor board-making program

Kevin Olsen : photo courtesy Kevin Olsen

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Introductory surfboard shaping classes for beginners and experienced surfers

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 April, 2010 : - - Kevin Olsen Surf House in Hossegor is providing surfboard shaping lessons at the surf house. You can come stay at the surf house, surf the awesome waves of the South-West of France and then take a shaping lesson. You can learn to shape and manufacture a surfboard and even repair your own surfboard if it's damaged.

We are offering  introductory surfboard shaping classes for beginners and experienced surfer. The Surf House is a surf camp providing top quality surf instruction with our highly experienced and qualified instructors and now shaping, where any stoked surfer can make their own board, using the camp's workspace, tools, and knowledge. Good concept.

With the access to many great surfboard factories in Hossegor for example: Euroglass located in Soorts/Hossegor, the manufacturers of Quiksilver surfboards in Europe, where the clients will get a full factory tour and get the chance to see surfboards being manufactured from start to finish in the factory.

Some of the best shapers in the world work from this factory every summer and this is your chance to meet them. Shapers like Christian Bradley shaper to the world's best Miky Picon, Dean Morrison, Gabe Davies. Other shapers include the twin fin master and former world champion, Mark Richards,  the inventor of the 3 fins , Simon Anderson, Phil Grace  and Mark Phipps sponsor and personal shaper to Quiksilvers young guns star Jeremy Flores.

Overall, this is a great instructional opportunity and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of making their first board. Every surfer should shape and ride their own board at least once; it's an amazing feeling to catch that first wave with your own creation. Kevin Olsen Surf House is now making that dream a reality and have done their part to get you there.

This proves that you shouldn't let that inexperience stand in your way. For more info about the surf house and shaping in Hossegor Please contact Kevin Olsen on +33 626 328 759 or email Kevin

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