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Know Your Guide: Turtle Bay's Rocky Canon

Rocky Canon © Turtle Bay

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Jeff Mull Interviews Turtle Bay North Shore Guide Rocky Canon

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 March, 2013 : - - Jeff Mull talks to the North Shore Local and Turtle Bay Surf Guide On What Makes Hawaii’s North Shore So Special.

So tell me a little about yourself and what it was like growing up and becoming a pro surfer on the North Shore?
It was an amazing thing to have grown up surfing on the North Shore. You’re in the water all the time and most of the kids from here have been surfing since they were in diapers. I know that was the case for me. Being outside and getting active—whether that’s surfing, hiking, or diving—it’s just part of the culture up here. So building on that, it makes it easier to see why the North Shore produces so many pro surfers.

I had my run at it in the ’90s and 2000s where I placed most of my focus on surfing in Pipe events. I then went on to get my college degree, work as a lifeguard, and then began doing the webcasts for a lot of the contests we have over here. A few years back, I began working at Turtle Bay as a surf instructor. All in all, I’ve got a pretty great life.

What’s your favorite thing about the North Shore?
There’s so many great going on up here that it’s hard to pick just one thing out. The North Shore is commonly called the “country” and that’s one of my favorite things about it. We’re removed from the glitz and high rises of the city and are surrounded by one of Mother Nature’s most amazing creations. We have jaw-dropping waves in the winter, but in the summer the North Shore transforms into one of the best places to snorkel and dive on the island.

If you had to recommend a season for going to the North Shore, what would it be?
Because the North Shore has become synonymous with huge waves in the winter, most people think that’s the most opportune time to come down here. But I love the spring and I tell all my traveling friends that the best time to come to the North Shore is during the spring. The surf isn’t 20 feet and bombing, but it’ll be super fun and you don’t have to worry about the massive crowds that come every November. I think you’re more likely to get the best waves of your life out here in the spring than in the winter.

I understand that you’re going to be a part of the North Shore Guides Program that Turtle Bay has set up. Can you tell me a little about it?
All of the people that have been chosen to be North Shore guides are locals with tons of experience. The idea is that through the Guides Club, we’re able to give visitors access to the inaccessible and show them aspects of the North Shore that they could never find on their own. While surfing will be a component to the Guides Club, we’re also showing people off-the-beaten-path places to hike and secluded beaches to spend the day kayaking or snorkeling. We’ll even let you in on the best place to grab a post-surf beer or some fresh sashimi.

What makes Turtle Bay the ideal place to post up on the North Shore?
The resort really feels authentic and they make an earnest effort to cater to the true North Shore experience. There are so many adventures you can have on the North Shore and there’s really no better place to get them started than at Turtle Bay. There’s a ton of waves literally located right off the hotel and you’re only a few minutes away from all the famous setups like Sunset and Pipeline.

Other than that, there’s an amazing stable on the grounds that I think is just spectacular. You’ve got to see the North Shore on horseback. We also have our own helipad, which is a phenomenal way to spend a day. Trust me, you’ll never forget a birds-eye perspective of paradise.
Turtle Bay Resort is host and a part-time home to many of the world’s elite surfers, stand-up paddlers and surf industry executives. It is the official partner and headquarters to some of the world’s premier ocean events including The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Pipeline Masters, SURFER Magazine Peer Poll Awards, SUP World Tour, Volcom Pipe Pro etc

Source: Turtle Bay

Author: Nedielyn Bueno

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