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Know your Kiwis: NZ Surf Mag interviews

Matty Scorringe launches his own high-performance coaching programme

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NZ SURF MAG January/Feb Summer Issue

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 January, 2013 : - - Finally after a bitter winter and windy spring and following on from a summer that never came in 2011/12. We are now fast approaching 2013 and the good old days and memories of long fine summers seem to be flooding back. It's been a pearler so far and with plenty of wave action in the forecasts, get out there during your summer breaks. For your surf inspiration the latest NZ Surf Mag is about to hit the shelves with plenty of holiday  reading and A-Class images to inspire your next surf.

On the COVER we feature our top surfer Richard Christie whom on a recent trip for an international magazine on our shores, outshone a heap of Ozzies top surf stars in surf from 1-6 foot, which makes you ask why is this guy un-sponsored? We catch up with Ric on the subject in his feature interview.



This issue is aptly named the INTERVIEW ISSUE and  we feature:

THE ART OF SURFING- Matty Scorringe takes on a new challenge and launches his own high-performance coaching programme.

THE EVOLUTION OF A WATERMAN- Daniel Kereopa on the expansion of his surfing.

DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER-  Richard Christie on his World Tour ambitions and the financial strain of going it alone.

STEPPING UP- Ben Poulter has achieved much in his junior career, now he takes his surfing to a new level under the watchful eye of two surfing legends.

PLUS- Interviews from Chris Davies, Korbin Hutchings, Shaun Cansdell.



Also featured this issue are:

THE PROPHECY- One man single handedly summons the waves for his mates to feast on.

THE EQUINOX- The Spring of 2012 was one to forget, however there were a few fleeting moments we managed to capture for your viewing pleasure.

TRIGGER FINGER SEQUENCES- Two all time sequences of Chris Malone threading a Ledge barrel and Richard Christie laying some serious rail in one of the biggest turns you're likely to ever see.

THE JAEGAR GEAR GUIDE- If you have any money left after Xmas you may just wanna check these goods out.

Plus much, much more.. Head to your nearest stockist for a copy. Enjoy your summer, party and play hard and if you manage to get in amongst the waves, surf till your skin wrinkles and your eyes bleed.. Have a great Xmas and a Happy New Year..

Source: Pacific Media

Author: Steve Dickinson

Tags, New Zealand Surfing Magazine, Kiwi, Mag

Magazine: Surfersvillage


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