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Komunity Project adds Silvanna Lima to team

Silvanna Lima © Komunity Project





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Dynamic Brazilian at the forefront of women's progressive surfing

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 April, 2015 - Gold Coast, Australia - Komunity Project announces the signing of WSL Tour surfer, Silvanna Lima. Coming from humble beginnings, from the municipality of Paracuru, Brazil, Silvana learned to surf at age 7. Her first surfing experience was on top of rectangular-shaped piece of wood.

Fast forward 20 years later and Silvana is at the forefront of women’s progressive surfing. Her innovative approach on tour netted her the first 10 point ride of 2015 with a massive air reverse at the Roxy Pro. Silvana will continue to push the limits as she vies for her first World Title. #VieSilvana

Paul Munten, CEO of Komunity Project, is thrilled to have Silvana on the team.  "She is one of the sickest surfers on the planet and makes things nobody else thinks of on the Women’s WSL Tour or free surfing.  Silvana is such a unique and amazing talent and we are so happy to have her part of our Team."

Silvana shares the same sentiment. "I am really stoked and proud to be a part of Komunity team. Obviously, it is cool to be one of just a few team members.  The traction, Boards cover and all the Komunity products are irados, and I am ansiosa to push them to the limits. I was very happy to be welcomed by the Komunity Project team and loving to be part of the family."

Paul Munten

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