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Laird Hamilton calls into question Burle's beast

Carlos Burle (left) on October 28, 2013 next to Garrett McNamara's ride from 2012


Big Wave Updates

While the world cries 'biggest wave ever ridden' Laird pauses, offers insight

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 October, 2013 : - - Laird Hamilton recently talked to CNN about Carlos Burle's monster wave caught at Nazare on October 28. In the interview Hamilton calls into question whether Burle can claim the biggest wave title on a wave he did not complete - Burle made the drop to the bottom and was doing fine but got mowed down a short while later by an immense wall of whitewater.

"First of all, to set a world record you need to make the wave," said Hamilton. "I believe Carlos did not make the wave."

Hamilton also added that Burle's tow partner Maya Gabeira (who almost drown that day) should not have been out surfing that day since she doesn’t have the proper training to handle waves like that.

Source: CNN

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