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Is 2016 done already? More on Lakey Peterson's broken ankle


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Lakey Peterson is hungry to get back in the game, but when?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 February, 2016 - Lakey Peterson was on a mission heading to Australia. After finishing the 2015 season ranked 6th in the world, she's been priming her boards at perfect Rincon and psyching at home catching up on the latest videos from Snapper Rocks, where the Roxy Pro will get underway in a few weeks. Unfortunately now she won't be there. Peterson broke her left ankle Wednesday while surfing in Ventura.

"It was just a little left," she explained, while on her way to the doctor. "I hit the closeout section and I was coming down the face when I noticed this big backwash. I hadn't seen a single backwash all day either. Snips [Peterson's coach Mike Parsons] was on the beach, and he said the wave just exploded around me. I felt my left ankle go right away."

"It wasn't pretty," said Parsons. "And it's a heavy blow because she's been surfing so damn good." Peterson's burning desire is well documented, but she admits she's never had to face a bigger injury like this one. "I'm sure I'll find the silver lining soon enough, but right now it still stings. Especially with all the videos of Snapper going off these days."

Until then, she's confident she'll be looking at her peers for inspiration. "Courtney [Conlogue] came back from injury last year and nearly won the title," she says. "And I've been seeing Steph lately, after her injury, and she's looking really good right now." Lakey Peterson found an open wall for an 8.73 to escape elimination in Round 2. After doctors got a closer look at her injury and discussed the recovery process Peterson officially pulled out of the Roxy Pro.

"I'm not sure when I'm coming back exactly, but I'm sure I'll be pretty hungry when I do.”



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