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Layer & Koehne sign onto Dakine apparel

Stephen Koehne © Dakine



Team Updates

Hawaii's Albee Layer and Stephen Koehne to wear Dakine apparel

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 June, 2014 - On the heels of Dakine's announcment that the brand was expanding into the clothing market, Dakine today named Albee Layer and Stephen Koehne as team riders. Both Hawaiian, the team riders are known as standouts in heavy surf.

Albee Layer grew up on Maui very close to where Dakine originated in 1979 and has been a team rider since he was a little grom.  Over the years, Albee has defied the industry by living on an outer island without a big apparel sponsor, but has still managed to create a global fan base. He is the winner of the 2nd Annual Innersection and pocketed $100K! Albee is one of the biggest standouts when paddle surfing massive Jaws, Maui and he is the STILL the only surfer to complete a Ollie Oop 720.  Albee’s ability to surf 2’ to 50’ can only be matched by a few other athletes on this planet!

Stephen Koehne has been a major standout on the North Shore of Oahu for the last decade.  He spends the entire winter season hunting for Pipe, Backdoor, and Off The Wall while always coming up with the most outstanding imagery and video clips.  When the North Shore hibernates for the summer, Stephen is out at sea on his boat the “Kana’I K” (named after his son) catching large game fish to feed his family.   The crossover from surfing to fishing is a part of Dakine's DNA and Stephen is a great ambassador!

Also part of the apparel team are Nic Vaughan, Calif., Francisco Porchella, Maui, Tyler Larronde, Maui, and Connor Baxter, Maui.

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