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Legendary surf photographer Art Brewer opens class in Indo

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Brewer to teach his craft in Sumba

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 May, 2015 - Sumba, Indonesia - Located in eastern Indonesia facing the wide Indian Ocean, Sumba is a photographer’s delight. Little known to all but the most intrepid surfer and adventure traveler, this island, a 55 minute flight from Bali, in addition to having exceptional surf, is home to a  people who still adhere to the ancient belief of Marapu or ancestor worship.

The Sumba people worship rocks, trees, animals rain, wind and fire. The rugged savannah, extensive grassy plateaus  and low limestone hills are home to hilltop villages with thatched clan houses clustered around megalithic tombs. It is here where pigs, goats, water buffalo,  Brahman  cattle and wild horses roam freely. The women create intricate ikat weavings, while the men tend to cashew plantations, raise animals, and grow rice, corn and cassava.

One of the last megalithic cultures on earth, the people of Sumba read signs in the eviscerated entrails of chickens and butcher pigs; the dead reside among the living in giants tombs etched with exotic symbols. 

This obscure island is untouched by tourism due to its remoteness and lack of tourist infrastructure.  Sumba is said to be the "anti Bali" and Hawaii of the 1950's. In late April 2016, world renowned surf and lifestyle photographer, Art Brewer, will be leading an exclusive twelve day photography intensive trip to this fascinating location, with a group size limited to ten participants.

Art Brewer is the dean of surf photographers. Long before surfing became what it is today, and surf photography a genre, Art was there with his camera. He is known for his versatility and innovation in conveying the elusive essence of surfing to the masses. A master photographer and skilled  teacher, Art instructors in the water, on a boat as well as on land. On this bespoke trip, participants will be instructed on all aspects of action surf photography, regardless of skill level.  

One of Art Brewer's island images

Sumba a surfer's paradise is considered one of Asia's most consistent surf breaks, with large rolling Sumba barrels appearing in April when this trip will take place. The waves can range from huge outer reefs, to perfect peelers and everything in between as the breaks are directly exposed to corduroy Indian ocean swells. Premier rights and large double overhead surf will allow the group to photograph the world class surfers whom we will be bringing in as our models. This photography trip will include morning surf photography opportunities from land, as well as in water via boat assistance. Art will be assisted by two experienced watermen so that optimum photography instruction and positioning can take place.
Once the winds kick up in the afternoon and we can't compose surfing images, the group will be afforded the opportunity to photograph the Sumba people in their remote clan-like villages. We will venture out in small groups so as to not overwhelm or disrespect the people that we will be documenting. Being culturally sensitive will be our mantra and a donation will be made to each clan. Our local guide who speaks Bahasa Indonesia will assist with gaining us admittance to the villages. The possibility of attending a pig roast, a wedding or funeral, a gong ceremony, or even an animal sacrifice, performed to gain favor with the spirits, all are within reach. The trip will include a hike to a local waterfall, an early morning jungle walk, and numerous landscape photography opportunities. We will travel by car to villages that are more than an hour away and walk to nearby villages.  Sumba is a mosaic of natural and exotic wonder and there will be ample opportunities to photograph it all. 

Afternoons will also be the time for post production work and  photo critique sessions led by Art, while  Art's longtime studio manager Joanna Miriam who is a professional photographer will be offering both individual and group  lightroom tutorials. You will have the opportunity to have your work critiqued by Art. This is not a classroom based photography workshop but an intensive photography tour that will cover lighting, composition and and all things photographic. 

Optional opportunities which are being offered but not included in the trip fee are;  two hour surf lessons, scooter rental and ninety minute massages.

Find out more about the class here

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