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Lines Magazine discovers new secret island

Skeet Derham, The Secret Island of Nusantara © Pete Frieden/Liquideye

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Mikala Jones and Paul Fisher take you on an island tour

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 June, 2013 : - - The Secret Island of Nusantara is revealed in Lines #21 in our issue dedicated to travel. MIKALA JONES and PAUL FISHER take us to their secret island with BRAD MASTERS documenting the action and DEDE SURYANA talks environmental action in his West Java hometown Cimaja.

TEIKI BALLIAN sailed the world twice before age 13 on his family’s boat and still trail blazes today. ONEY ANWAR is on fire right now and took out the Mentawai Pro in May. Check out Bali’s interior by whitewater rafting and see what unspoiled Bali countryside looks like and then check out the world’s most difficult trick.

Check out LINES #21

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