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...Lost Europe introduces line with Euro weather in mind


...Lost art : photo courtesy Felipe Verger

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Lost Europe Introduces Fall 2007 Line With Big, Big Party

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 February, 2007 : - - On Friday, February 2nd, …Lost Europe had the pleasure of introducing its latest Fall 2007 collection to all of its European agents and distributors, as well as to media representatives from the surf/skate scene. This collection stands out from previous ranges because, for the first time, as well as including the latest designs from …Lost USA, it also has a range of products designed by …

Lost Europe specifically adapted to the European winter temperatures. The Fall collection now features parkas, bomber jackets, trenchcoats, knitwear, sherpa-lined heavy knitwear and fleeces, in addition to the usual range of unique cotton wear, denims and t-shirts from …Lost.

 The presentation took place in San Sebastian (Basque Country), as part of the …Lost Fashion Party, in the “Tabacalera”, a disused cigarette warehouse. The evening featured live performances from Cancerberos and Rider & Co, catwalk displays (with team riders acting as models!), a “graffiti corner” as well as skate demos  on the mini ramp from some of the best skaters in the area (thanks to La Plaza Skateshop).

 During the party, among the 300-plus guests, some very well-known faces from our beaches & skate parks could be spotted, including Asier Muniain, …Lost Team Rider and one of the finest surfers in Spain, who was seen modelling on the catwalk! Also, among the crowd, were other top surfers such as Julen Larrañaga, Jaime Azpiroz, Mikel Agote (Ibon Amatriain’s partner in crime from the Pukas tow-in team) and Jason Aparicio, as well as the owners from the majority of surf shops in Euskadi.

 Meanwhile, on the mini-ramp, some of the best skaters in Europe, including Manu Palacios, Bleny Hamilton, Jean-Baptiste Picot, Jérémy Plinon, Clement Causséque and Pat Laylaye were grinding the night away.  Before the party, VIP’s enjoyed fine catering from Urepel, a local restaurant,  and after the last live show, DJ Mixel kept us all dancing until 2 a.m, when we got kicked out; but in true …Lost style, the party just moved on to the streets and bars of San Sebastián.

We can also inform you that the crew at …Lost Europe has welcomed some new recruits, with the arrival of a new designer and several key people into the marketing, customer service and production teams, all aimed at providing the best service and products to the whole European market. Greetings!!!!  …Lost Europe

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