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Luis Vindas claims victory at the Movistar Pro Punta Roca



Luis Vindas : photo Talia Echecopar

Movistar Pro Punta Roca

Punta Roca El Salvador
30 August - 1 September 2007

Movistar Pro Punta Roca LUIS VINDAS SE LLEVA LA SEXTA FECHA LATINA           > Espanol
Movistar Pro Punta Roca LUIS VINDAS GANHOU A SEXTA BATERIA LATINA            > Portugues

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 September, 2007 : - - On Sunday the exciting finals saw a seesaw battle with results that varied minute by minute on this,  the last day of the Latin American Movistar Latin Pro Punta Roca 2007.

During this morning, the last eliminatory series were run up. Today we woke up with the smallest waves of all the competition. Nevertheless, in Punta Roca it doesn´t mean that the sea is not good, the waves continued entering over the rocks giving a great scene for the surfer that have been able to arrive until the last day of the sixth date of the Latin Tour.

Many of the actual ranking`s first places, as the Peruvian leader Sebastián Alarcón and the champion 2006 Martin Passeri, couldn`t pass over the quarterfinals. The competition hand by hand was really hard.

The end began with the Woman category. The victory was taken by the Peruvian Analí Gómez who delighted the public with her strongs maneuvers and 360 turns, doing honors to her title of second in the world-wide junior championship. Following her, the Peruvian Valeria Solé showed her defined style of rollers in the critical part of the wave. After them, the Salvadorans Beatriz Flores and Karol Baule released their presence in the Tour.


Finals day action : photo ALAS


After a recess of one hour, because of the lowed tide, the semifinal of the Open category went into the water. The surfers this time entered in a fight man to man.

The public`s favorite, the local Willber Albarenga, was overcome by the Costa Rican Luis Vindas even though he reached a wave of 8,17. The audience celebrate each wave of "el policía" Albarenga who left the name of El Salvador in the top. But it was Vindas who obtained a greater score of 14,67. He defined his own strategy: he surfed two waves of good score having that way security to begin risking with aerial tricks which gave him good results.

The portorrican Josie Graves, in his best show in the Latin Tour, demonstrated a high control in each trick, but the Junior Selman gained the heat in the last minute. Both couldn`t run many waves, only two, until a wave entered at the last minutes that favored the Chilean.

The end was going to be a strong fight between the Costa Rican Luis Vindas and the Chilean Manuel Selman, both surfers of an international level. They brought recent victories in them shoulders. Vindas have the Costarican Triple Crown, and Selman brings a victory against the dupla of the recognized surfers Kelly Slater and Chris Ward in the Expression Session of the Rip Curl Pro Search in Chile. The motivation was big.


Finals day action : photo ALAS


Junior Pro

The Junior Pro was a hard beating where the Venezuelan Rafael Pereyra dominated the waves achieving a 17.27 score, the best of all this championship. We proved once again that the junior level is getting force. After the junior champion it was the Venezuelan Francisco Bellorin, then as third the Argentinean Lucas Santa Maria and forth the Chilean Manuel Selman.

Open final

A minute and a half before the end of the heat, Luis Vindas got a wave that took him towards the first place of the championship. Before that last wave, the Chilean Manuel Selman took the advantage. But it was a spectacle on the waves which gave to the victory to the Costa Rican with super rollers backside and two lengths floters, enough reason to appropriate a wave of 9.17 points. He went out of the water before the heat ended, he was sure that the judges would give him such good score.

Vindas: "From the moment I picked that last wave I knew that I was going to win. I want to thank ALAS for such a great championship, it have been a long time that I don´t won ALAS event."

Selman: "I ran many heats today; I got really tired although I treated to hold the maximum for the Open. But I`m very happy for Luis, we two goffies won all the regulars that were surfing towards it`s side".


Luis Vindas : photo Talia Echecopar


The Salvadoran revelation, the ten year surfer Luis Ramos, received a surfboard as a price and incentive to improve his level. The first positions of the ranking are the same until the fifth place, the new sixth is Luis Vindas who has advanced from eighth. In seventh now it`s the Chilean Manuel Selman who was located in fourteenth until this event.

In woman category, the Peruvians are leading the ranking, Valeria Solé is the new present lider followed by Analí Gómez. In Juniors the positions continue being the same with the exception of the Argentinean Lucas Santa Maria who advances to fifth place replacing the Chilean Guillermo Satt.
The championship finished with a promise to make two events next year in El Salvador.

The competitors are happy, after the appreciation of the sportsmen, this date has been complete in all sense: the best waves of the year, a high level of competition and organization of first category. El Salvador was Impressive!

El Salvador Impresionante is presented by: Latín Pro Movistar Punta Roca es auspiciado por: Ministerio de Turismo de El Salvador, Telefónica - Movistar, Grupo Taca, Amnet, Programa Buena Onda-Tecnovision, El Grafico, Cerveza Sol, Tequila Cuervo, Reef, Sobe Adrenalina Rush, Radio Femenina 102.5, Alcaldía Municipal de La Libertad, Línea Ejecutiva, Amate Travel L´alianxa Travel Network, Sistemas Publicitarios, Trident Splash y Punta Roca Resort. Support by: FONDEPRO, FOEX Y USAID. Organize: Avitours - Olas Permanentes. Guaranteed by: Fesasurf

About ALAS
The Latin American Surf Association - ALAS was founded in the year 2000 with the purpose of promoting surfing in Latin America and creating a circuit at continental level that serves like platform of professional competition for the increase amount of surfers in our countries.

In the year 2002 ALAS made for the first time in history a series of events that consecrated the first Latin American Champion of Surf; the Latin American Surf Circuit continued and grew throughout the years, holding fast in the coasts of twelve countries of Latin America. Today, ALAS controls and executes professional championships in the Latin American level, defining the Latin Champions in the Open Pro, Pro Junior, Woman and Longboard categories.

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