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Lunasurf expand their tailpad range, boost team roster

Reubyn Ash © Lunasurf


Industry Updates

Lunasurf add Oli Adams, Chris Noble, Phil Goodrich & Reubyn Ash to the team

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 September, 2011 : - - Lunasurf Technical now proudly announces the release of their 'Pro Series' 1 piece and 3 piece tail pads, and welcomes Oli Adams, Chris Noble, Phil Goodrich and Reubyn Ash to the team. Alongside ambassadors, Ian Battrick, Matt Capel, Ryan Turner and Timmy Turner.

"Our foam formula has 100% memory at any water temperature, giving you maximum traction and comfort wherever you are in the world. The compound and its density has been designed to prevent chafing of the skin in warm waters too. We all know how fast things can go wrong with chafed skin in warm climates and nobody likes being kept out of the water from rashes and sea ulcers." These grips have been tested by our riders from amongst icebergs in Iceland to the tropical waters of Indonesia and they can't fault it. Which coming from these characters speaks volumes.

"With Lunasurf Technical, our mission statement is - To relentlessly pursue and develop the highest quality surf hardware and accessories, using state of the art technology and materials. We aim to deliver our products to the surfing community at affordable and competitive prices. "

"With we aim to align ourselves with like minded brands and manufacturers, to enable our customers to find everything they require to fullfill their maximum potential and have fun in every type of surf condition and environment."

"Lunasurf Technical is not just about performance but personality. Our team riders embody the spirit and essence of the brand, willing to go to any lengths to find uncrowded unchartered surf yet just as happy with friends at family at their local beach. Lunasurf is all about real people, real surfing and remembering to not lose track of why we all started - to have fun!"

Lunasurf is proud to be a part of Ryan, Timmy, Ian, Matt, Oli, Chris, Phil and Reubyn's surfing lives, and wish them luck and support as they pursue their surfing goals and lifestyle.

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