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From miniguns to displacement hulls, Andreini talks shop

Marc Andreini © Paul Ferraris



Board Design

Walk through the design evolution from gun to hull

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 March, 2015 - It’s fair to say there’s a cult following to Marc Andreini. His boards sell out of specialty surf shops quickly and orders stack up quickly. In a new video Andreini provides insight about a board he's building for the Ultimate Craftsman Project at the Boardroom Show and gives us a little history to its evolution. So how did the current must-have Andreini design evolve?

“George Downing narrowed the tail to create a gun with a teardrop template,” says Andreini. “They rode these sleek beautiful boards. George is the one I believe pulled in the tail made it a pintail and over time that became the platform for the big wave board.”

Andreini says that Brewer in the height of the short board revolution took the boards down to 8’8” and spawned the mini gun. For his Sacred Craft design, Andreini blended the displacement hull style of board with the rocker and outline of the Makaha style of boards Downing made.



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