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Makua & Ikaika win North Shore Tow-In Championships


Makua and Ikaika : photo Sean Davey



North Shore Tow-In Surfing Championships

Association Professional Towsurfers
Avalanche and Puaena Point,  Oahu Hawaii
15 December - 31 March 2007

Makua Rothman And Ikaika Kalama Win North Shore Tow-In Surfing Championships

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 February, 2007 : - -  APT officials and the event directors for the Bank of Hawaii North Shore Tow-In Surfing Championship presented by Buttons Hawaii and, kicked the tour into gear today in high performance surf conditions at Puuena Point. Surf ranged in the 12 to the 18-foot range, some 30-foot faces Hawaiian Style.

The hustle began at 6 in the morning. The harbor was jumping with contestants readying their jet-skis and equipment. From the get go the air was tense and the action hot. Teams were pulling off 360 loops high above the spindrift. Team Dustin Barca and Sion Milosky pulled a 720 to wow the crowd but later failed to advance out of the semis.

High scores were the call of the morning with a slight drop in surf, a bit of wind then a beautiful pick up of swell and glassy conditions in the early afternoon. “ We are all professional so surfing the changing conditions is part of it. It was a great day of towing”, said Makua Kai Rothman. Surf cleaned up to 15 feet High Surf Warning style, some big 20-30 foot faces!

In the final it was a tube-riding exhibition in excellent Puaena Point waves. Makua Rothman and Ikaika Kalama took the lead with a perfect ten ride on a long point section as team Carlos Burle and Eraldo Gueiros pulled into a potentially high scoring wave but had to squeak it out the bottom for a lower score.

It was the Hawaiians taking it with a strong performance all the way with the highest heat score total of the day. “ This is for the Hawaiians”, Exclaimed Makua Kai Rothman. “We are so stoked, we did our best and it paid off.” The Tow Champions won $9,300.00 for their efforts!

“It was a great battle of big wave gladiators, with a super competitive final.” Said, Rodney Kilborn, APT Vice President and event sanctioning director. “It was a long day with a lot of challenges and great surf. We are happy to have the first event of the tour and we are looking forward to the future of professional tow-surfing.” Said Eric Akiskalian, Apt Founder and President.

Heat results:

#1 Jamie Sterling/Wedell Wall 20.35
Chuck Patterson/Scott Chandler 13.25
#2 Ikaika Kalama/Makua Rothman 23.5
Grant Baker/Greg Long 19.25
#3Carlos Burle/Eraldo Gueiros 25.25
Garrett McNamara/Kealii Mamala 20.4
#4 Dustin Barca/Sion Milosky 23.5
Mike parsons/Brock Little 16.6

#1Jamie Sterling/Wedell Wall 19.5
Ikaika Kalama/Makua Kai Rothman 24.75
#2 Carlos Burle/Eraldo Gueiros 22.6
Dustin Barca/Sion Milosky 19.85

Makua Kai Rothman/Ikaika Kalama 27 $9,300.00
Carlos Burle/Eraldo Gueiros 20.9 $5,000.00

Dylan Longbottom / TBD / AUS



About the Association of Professional Towsurfers, Inc. (APT)
The Association of Professional Towsurfers, was Founded on March 6, 2003 with the charter to support the responsible growth and development of Tow-In Surfing. The Association of Professional Towsurfers, is dedicated to sanctioning and promoting world class competitions, dissemination of safety and technical information to athletes, and technical direction to event organizers. The empirical growth in alternative sports and the increase in extreme athletic pursuits are well documented.

The Association of Professional Towsurfers embraces corporate sponsors and media entities that provide the support necessary to increase its events and goals. The Association of Professional Towsurfers has goals to expand its support throughout the world; lobby government agencies and municipalities to provide more certified tow-in access to ocean venues; and be ever attentive to the unique technical and safety needs of this evolving sport and its constituents.

For full details on the Association of Professional Towsurfers, APT World Tour Tow-In Surfing Circuit, a full list of international advisory board members representing APT and other international tow-in associations visit the Pro Tow Surfers website. 

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APT Contacts:

Eric Akiskalian, Founder/President
Association of Professional Towsurfers
APT World Tour Organizer
California Office

Alec Cooke, Event Executive Director, Hawaii Tow-In Surfers
Phone: 808-227-2425
Hotline 808-641-7038

Rodeny Kilborn APT Event Sanctioning Director
Phone: 808-575-2840

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