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Manly Beach shark encounter latest viral video



Shark Updates

Shark footage shot with GoPro nears 1 million views

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 June, 2015 - It’s summertime and the GoPro footage is flowing. The latest surfer-encounters-shark clip comes from Manly Beach in Sydney. 

This clip from GoPro shows a cautious shark that, according to the YouTube post, circled the man for quite a length of time.

As for this footage? We don’t know. As you can see in the video the surfer tries to make his way around the shark back to more shallow water before the shark disappears.

Unfortunately there’s no one else in the water and the surf is really flat. Consequently the blogosphere has questioned the validity of the footage. Last year a popular shark encounter post showed a Sydney man jumping into the water with his GoPro only to turn and swim away from a great white. The footage was later debunked.

 Manly Beach is a common place for shark sightings.



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