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Manly hosts VQS Totally Crustaceous Tour Champs



VQS Champs Australia

Manly Beach, NSW Australia
15 - 16 April 2011

Volcom Glam Rock runs off at Manly for the VQS Oz Champs

Surfersvillage Global Surf News
, 13 April, 2011 : - - Listen up all you Hair Metal degenerates!  Grab your hair spray and pull up your leopard spandex, its time to report for band practice! So if you’re ready to rock some faces and melt some minds, get down to Manly Beach this Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of April!

Come check out the qualifiers from NSW, QLD, VICO and WA battle it out for the  2011 Australian VQS Championship. There are tonnes of prizes as well as 2 return  airline tickets up for grabs to America to compete in the World VQS Championships to have a shot at the USD $50,000,00 prize money.

Robbie France floating his way to victory in the 2009 / 2010 VQS Championships Pro – Am final.


Nicholas Muntz
Cooper Chapman
Jack Mcdonald 
Dru Adler 
Jasper Enersby 
Curtis Ewing
Nicholas Muntz
David Vlug  
Chris Salisbury
Dale Lovelock
Mitch Baker  
Caiden Fowler  
Tom Allan 
Cal Nicholson 
Darcy Maynard 
Mitch Taylor

Jake Sylvester  
Michael Bain  
Jamaica Evans  
Jordan Bulmer
Izak Clifford  
Jack Scollard
Tom Lyon  
Tom Antonie  
Grant Williams  
Brock Warren
Jacob Willcox 
Joshua Burke 
Mat Baker
Jake Cumberland
Cody Daw
James Flemming

Jakson Baker 
Teague Robertson  
Riley Cadman  
Riley Laing 
Chris Zaffis  
Quinn Bruce 
Shelden Simkus  
Ryan Zietlow
Tristan Farris 
Cody Robinson  
Francis Meade  
Joe Van Dijk
Jocob Wilcox 
Harry Mcpherson
James Flemming
Joshua Burke

Freya Prum  
Jane Ensore 
Ale Kelly  
Skye Burgess  
Sophie Callister 
Winni Paul  
Chiama Ireland  
Alysa Lock
Georgia Fish  
Zoe Clark  
Matilda Mcclelland  
Mel Harrison
Bronte Maculay
Skip Van Peer
Emily Lucches
Lucianna Burke

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