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Mark Healey


Driven by his ocean connection, at peace in the depths and in mountainous surf, it isn't the pursuit of glory that steers Healey, but rather a deeper calling. Widely recognized as one of the modern day Banzai Pipeline aficionados, and fearless on his backhand at Waimea. His reputation as a highly skilled surfer, big wave rider and all-round humble human being is well regarded within surfing circles and nowhere more so than at home on Oahu's North Shore. A world champion free-diver, being able to hold your breath for longer than three minutes can be a handy skill for riding the Bay.

Despite his unruly itinerary, Healey’s made no shortage of major achievements in his career as a self-described waterman. Earning his first surf sponsorship at age 13 and going pro at 17, he has racked up victories at big-wave events like Todos Santos and—in 2008—nabbed the Spearfishing World Cup. Still, Healey half-jokes, “my biggest accomplishment so far is probably just staying alive.” Introduced to surfing at age three when his father led him out into eight-foot waves, Healey also joined his dad on spearfishing outings as a little kid.

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