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Mark Richards explains squeegee board art

Examples of MR's water-based paint and rubber squeegee method



Board Design

4X world champ walks you through the squeegee tint process

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 November, 2013 - I have always sprayed most of my personal boards. I am self-taught and I can only do solid colours and rail fades or tape-ups…basic stuff. When i did the Free Ride boards it took me a week!

The paint is poured after the rails are taped with paper.
Behind our old shop I had a spray colour room in the building with my shaping room. When you spray with a gun, as much paint goes in the air as on the board. You need an exhaust fan and a good mask.

Now we no longer have the shop I have nowhere to spray. I have discovered I can still do some colour designs myself ( in our garage) using water based paint and a rubber squeegee ( normally used for glassing).

No mask needed as there is no paint in the air, but plenty of newspaper on the floor as a lot of paint gets wasted in this process. I have done quite a few of these designs over the years and I enjoy doing them as they are easy and the results are impressive.


Squeegeeing the excess paint from the rails
You just pour the paint on the foam, and where the colour first hits the foam is where it stays and soaks in. The style and thickness of the paint lines you pour determine how the design will turn out. The excess paint is removed with the squeegee.

The most fun part of doing these is running the squeegee down the board and seeing the design emerge as the colours blend. You can never be quite sure how they will look until you squeegee the paint off. I have done some I absolutely love and others I have really hated when I saw them finished!!

The paint job almost complete…the design begins to emerge.
The classic thing about this is board is that I really liked it and thought I had ‘killed it’ !! Once my glassers got a hold of it, they instantly critiqued my work, suggesting I should have used blue or grey to split the pink and orange!!

Finished design with taped paper rails still on.
Colour designs on a surfboard are so individual. what one person thinks is epic, the next person thinks is shit!



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